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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Medical Abuse

by Lynn
(Bristol, England)

In 1976 a GP promised me help with a phobia at the time of giving birth. He went back on his word. I was put through a sexual abuse related phobia. My health, marriage and life broke down. This gave a weak foundation within self. Years later with rumours of dishonesty at work I broke down again and saw a psychiatrist. With no mention of the doctor's malpractice and with sexual abuse unrealised, I suffered further abuse when the psychiatrist put my problem down to my marriage. I have been buried under labels, dismissed and stigmatised within the health service.

However, through determination I have spent years gaining understanding and moving from brokenness to wholeness. I lecture to student nurses, have had an article published in a nurse magazine and am now on a committee for community mental health.

Fighting oppression is an exhausting ongoing battle, where I constantly face and overcome fear. My aim is to further opportunities to speak out.

Being mildly autistic, I can't see the harm in people and have suffered much bullying at work and I believe it is because people are threatened. Someone once said 'Don't work so hard, it makes it look bad for the rest of us'.

Take care,


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Hi Lynn
by: Trinity

I have witnessed and experienced much bullying in the health system as well, including in mental health. Evelyn Field is an Australian psychologist who is an expert on workplace bullying and she publishes on the internet. There is also a really good book called something like 'dealing with tricky people'. Tim Field also publishes a lot about bullying on the internet. Bullies are predatory psychopaths who pick on vulnerable people, people who are trusting and who have integrity. Be proud of yourself for having the courage to pick yourself up and carry on. I know that is one of the hardest thing to do, because I have stopped picking myself up and am now sueing my latest employer so that I will never have to work again.

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