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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Micro Manager

by Astara

Divide, conquer, control, dominate & destroy

Divide, conquer, control, dominate & destroy

I have worked for this company for 2 1/2 years, my first mistake was making a complaint about abusive unprofessional behaviour from the boss. From then on I was a target for him, his snitch and many others including service users who had walk on parts in the humiliation and abuse directed at me.

After accessing this site and downloading the book I took sick leave to preserve what little remained of my mental health. I found the Quiet Genocide of Workplace Mobbing particularly applied to me and followed the advice to get out of the abusive environment I was in.

After being referred to Occupational Health by my employers I followed their advice and started a course of medication. I was off for 3 months because my bosses did not follow the recommendations from O/Health. I returned to work in September last year and had a lot of annual leave to take. A new senior was in post who took over my supervision and things improved, he has been temporarily moved to another project and my boss is now up to his old tricks. I'm so much stronger now and can stand up to this person and laugh at his pathetic attempts to hurt and isolate me within the team. Our organisation is up for tender I hope it goes to another provider and this will split up the clique. My fears have kept me in this job but I'm actively looking for something else, this is my worst experience of employment to date.

Advice to others get out of abusive environments and away from energy vampires, use this site and others like it to arm yourself with skills and strategies to protect yourself and document everything that happens.

Good luck to all who suffer at the hands of snakes in suits and skirts I wish you joy and freedom from oppression.


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