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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Mobbed at a Government Agency

I worked for three years and some months at a Government Agency. I did outstandingly well for three of those years, getting great appraisals and three formal awards. I got along well with coworkers and management. In fact, I had letters and emails from management and coworkers stating I'd "gone above and beyond." I became a lead on a very important project and was receiving a lot of positive visibility at the executive level.

Suddenly all of that changed when I was moved to a new manager. It's a long story, but "Jane" had nothing but criticism for work other managers praised. Then she assaulted me, grabbing my arm as I left a meeting. When I complained, I suddenly found myself getting chased out of the agency by Jane's manager and other executives. They made baseless accusations against me, then tried to discipline me with a multi-day suspension. To make a long story short, it took legal intervention to clean up my good record. I was still forced to leave the agency.

It's been six months. I hope I'm not so severely disabled that I won't be able to go back to work, but I seem to have all the classic symptoms of PTSD.

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re: to Mobbed One
by: Anonymous

Hi; first:

Take a year off if at all possible. You don't say your gender, single or married, years of prior work…but if you have the ability to NOT WORK for one year…consider it 'grace' for your good conduct from the one who always appreciates good effort and is always the same. (never changes)

A recent AHA of mine: Any who set hand to plow and looks back is not meant for the kingdom of heaven. This term does not mean we are not allowed to change…a job, a place we live in, or the credentials of education we hold. If we can change anything of us, He made it possible…by our good faith work efforts.

So…if you were working for government agency; go a different route. Get OUT OF that area completely. Reassess your skills and abilities; if you need to know more in this specialized world we live in where 'just workers' are not appreciated…and can go back to any form of school setting for a year or two or 4…do it. Learn a trade perhaps; auto mechanics, plumber, heating and air conditioning repair if male / or male or female…maybe health industry: phlebotomist, technician of any type. Are you creative? learn web designing, graphic art designing, become a teacher or substitute teacher...

You left them physically now give yourself a boost up and leave them 'spiritually' and 'intellectually' … Folks I spoke with after a bad work experience only said CLOSE THE BOOK but I don't recall acknowledgement of what is GOOD of me. (actually; we shouldn't expect praise from mankind…because it won't ever happen only children want affirming and praise for good work, as ADULTS with FAITH in GO(O)D we quietly CHANGE ourselves and RISE above those managers you describe. They don't have to know and they don't care to know and it doesn't matter why they did what they did.

We can't ever change 'them' …(free will thing) We can only change our own perceptions of ourselves and become… what God had in mind we become.

God doesn't mind if we change paths, change our mind about a work job, or change where we live…IF WE CAN CHANGE… it is A GRACE…FROM GOD HIMSELF.

Your One of The Lucky Ones!
by: C.

The fact that you were able to get legal counseling says allot in and of itself, and the the fact that you were able to clear your name does too. Your federal agency must not be that powerful and thank God for that. I am happy for your safety. As for those co-workers who mobbed you may God turn them around before they loose their lives.
I am being bullied by a federal agency and I cannot get any counsel. They are so powerful that they even control my local government! All I can say is that the agency I am battling is not for the faint of heart.
So far from what I have been told by preachers, professional friends,doctors and close friends and family is this; "God must have seen your strength and placed this on your shoulders"
Those words coming from these fine educated folks that love and care for me is what helps me deal. I know God loves me and will deliver me from the enemy's grip in His time and that gives me hope everyday.
Yes, you are one of the lucky ones. God speed to you my fellow colleague.

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