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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Mobbed at Hospital

by Andrea
(Hollywood, CA)

I worked in a hospital and I recently lost my job of ten years due to mobbing. I always got to work on time, did my work independently and always was willing to help co-workers if they needed it. My reviews were very good or above, until the last two years I was there.

A new grad was hired during this time, and I observed her brown-nosing my boss. Eventually, whenever there was a vacancy at work, one of her classmates would be hired right away, hence the group of people mobbing.

The ringleader is extremely adept to bullying my ex-boss into getting her way. A former co-worker and others in the department would pull me aside to tell me what was being said. Well meaning co-workers and friends were advising me not to "give them any reason to go to my boss about me." But I was being reprimanded for anything and everything. Boss-lady would then encourage members of the mob to come to her and tell her about anything and everything I would do "wrong." ( So in other words, I had five supervisors instead of one.)

These minions were going to my boss about the most menial things, and, in fact, one of them would make weekly lists of things I would supposedly do wrong. I was so humiliated. Every one of these things were everyday occurrences that EVERYONE did. I tried to defend myself by explaining to my boss that these were things that all of us did, but either she would blow me off or did nothing to these people.

I kept on getting written up for everything. Nothing I did was ever right, and eventually I was fired. Later, I was told, that not an hour went by from the moment I left the department, my ex-boss, in front of everybody, was calling one of the bully's friends that she got my former full-time position. (Yes, they got me out to get her in.)

I'm still feeling very nervous and anxious at the thought of getting another job, hence getting into another bad situation. If I need to, I'll take more time off until I feel able to go back to work. (Unemployment Insurance and my savings are making ends meet now.)

This experience has taken a toll on me physically, psychologically and emotionally. My self esteem and professional credibility has been affected and it'll take me a long time to build it back up. I would really like to take legal action, however, I work in a VERY small realm and word would get out about me being a "troublemaker". Getting a job then would be impossible for me.

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Hospital mobbing...
by: Sarah

I find it so ironic when people who are in a profession which is supposed to be aimed at improving the health of others, are willing to engage in mobbing and bullying.
Sadly it seems, the basest aspects of human nature are not so easily overcome, even in a hospital.
I was mobbed out of a work environment simply for shopping there regularly, never mind working at the place.
I suspect you were targeted for being the person you are, that is; honest, reliable, independent, hard working. They are qualities that seem to come under fire in today's ruthless and competitive work environment.
Some time back, Anton published a list of personal qualities or characteristics that can get people targeted for abuse and mobbing.
It seems you fall into that list in quite a few ways.
I don't know if you can find it on here now. The list might still be available.
I hope you will find a work environment you can be happy in. Never give up hoping or trying. Not every workplace is dysfunctional and full of bullies. Good luck.

by: andrea

Thank you, Sarah, for your kind and understanding words about my dilemma. I haven't told everybody about what happened to me to avoid insensitive comments. Only someone like you knows first handedly what I've been through and how hard it is to bounce back from it.
It's all too easy to tell someone to "defend yourself", but how can a person defend his or herself when cornered by multiple people who blatantly back each other up?
I only hope my guardian angel will steer me in the right direction, and help me find a place where there will be mutual happiness.

by: Denise

the aggression you have been dealt, at the hands of a fully incompetent, unprofessional group of so called Nurses, exactly matches what I was put through. In Australia, the Hospital system is so weak, it is much easier for HR to ignore what these cruel, evil individuals are doing to staff, and just sweep it under the carpet, and NEVER, EVER make the aggressor accountable.

by: DAVE

try not to let it affect you're self-esteem. this happens to people everywhere. if this ever happens at another job, spend 5 mins a day after work to write down (document) every episode. you can use your cell phone voice recorder after each problem to remember what time and with whom these problems occur.... if you document you can take this information to a higher authority and it will show a pattern of behavior. also request your achievements reports or personal reviews from your boss. document the fact that all of the new employees being hired know each other. this will help later if you need to go to court. good luck

Step away from the Caring Angels
by: WorkedWithThem

How typical your story is: mobbed by nurses, bullied by nurses, humiliated by nurses - ad nauseum.
Nurses are well documented as the biggest bullies in the workplace, and particularly well documented for "mobbing".
Nurses are also their own worst enemies. In any articles in newspapers (any media) nurses always blame their woes on Management. The truth of the matter is that ALL their woes come from Nursing Administration/Management or in other words, other nurses ! Not from Administrators/Executives of the workplace.
When it comes to Nurses being Managers - they are absolutely hopeless and when they go far enough up the ladder to become Human Resource Managers, they can be a whole lot worse than hopeless.
Documentation is the only way to go and if you need help, which you will, get a solicitor. Forget unions - get someone OUTSIDE the nursing world. The solicitor will initially be absolutely gobsmacked at your story, but it is always better to get the help of someone from outside the "caring" profession.
Some years ago it was difficult to get someone to believe that nurses were as treacherous as they are, but people are more educated now what with the net etc. and with decent documentation you could find yourself a lot better off.
When people like you, a nurse, are bullied at work, there is another party that suffers terribly and that is the patient. Disgraceful.

by: Anonymous

Andrea, what happened to you is not so much bullying as corrupt behaviour within a corrupt organisation. Your workplace is toxic.
Get a lawyer, get some money as compensation, and then get out.

Traveling RN
by: Anonymous

Hello, God Bless. Thank you for this article. I too am being bullied, mobbed, harassed at work by staff following me around, recording me, keeping surveillance of me stemming from a disgruntled family member from another facility spreading lies, rumors about me. The family member is with law enforcement so he is aware how to organize this gang stalking, gang mobbing that transcends the work place and has spread out into the community, my neighborhood etc. How is this slander, abuse legal? Hospital executives, security act as if they are unaware of these activities that are taking place right in plain sight. Be strong. Stay focused. Stay put. Man cannot take away anything that God has given you that God meant for you. Set yourself up around good people. Invest in body camera's, counter surveillance equipment, and have good people surrounding to to provide layer's so that you are protected in stores, doctors offices etc. If God is for You, it doesn't matter whose against you. Live a great Life. Know that we all are sending you love.

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