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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know


by Melissa
(Fontana, CA)

This was left in my computer.

This was left in my computer.

This all started at my place of employment. I expected professionalism from a law enforcement agency. I was raised in church and taught to respect people especially authority. I believe my problems at work go as back as 2004. I noticed rude behavior from the secretaries of the facility managers. I thought maybe they saw me as a threat since I was much younger and I was motivated to work. I wasn't trying to take over their position. It was a temporary assignment until I recovered from my injury. I got along well with one of the managers or so I thought. We joked around and had a good time with our conversations. He even joked one time calling me a show off. His assignment carried a lot of responsibility and I accepted with open arms.

It was Christmas and I thought I'd give him a gift. I gave him a coin bank that read, "DIFFICULT EMPLOYEE ASHES" or something to that effect. Then one day when I walked into his office I noticed his conversation was very short and he rushed out. I hardly ever saw him after that and he assigned me to another supervisor. My new supervisor was in charge of "Quality Assurance". He was very rude and placed all the responsibility on me. He never left the office. I didn't mind the work but I didn't appreciate his behavior. One of my co-workers noticed his behavior and she did not like it at all. Slowly I started noticing my co-workers avoiding me and some stop taking to me altogether. I knew something was wrong because my co-workers always commended me on my work ethics. The bullying behavior worsened over time. The behavior was very bad and despite their unacceptable behavior, I kept my composure and remained professional. I read about my story "Workplace Mobbing in LA County".

At this time, I am receiving Long Term Disability because I was diagnosed by my treating Doctor with PTSD. I have submitted applications for other positions in other departments trying to return to work. My applications are not accepted or the position is cancelled. I'm under surveillance and have been since this started. I get traffic on my block when there is no need to come through unless you're a resident. They have parked outside my house or leave red cars. I had to purchase surveillance cameras and they had to be returned several times because they were and continue to be accessed remotely. I've made complaints to the PD to no avail. There is some type of amplifying device that projects sound. Slamming doors, revving engine, loud systems, helicopters at night and during the day, power tools, speeding, limo tint windows, modified mufflers all illegal and gone unnoticed. I see it all and it's all for me. I just finished a certificate program at a public university. I was bullied by some students and teachers. I'm attending online classes at a community college up north and I get the same.

These bullies behavior like animals. I say animals because that type of behavior is prominent in the animal kingdom. I'm called many names including that of animals. I've also been referred to as a slave and they will use f"@k n"@&ers. I also get bullied online on Facebook and YouTube. I started recording these incidents and posting online. My community and former friends have access to what happens in my home. I'm bombarded with directed energy that causes cancer and all my complaints have fallen on deaf ears. This world is full of EVIL. The scripture I John 5:19 sums it up. "The world is lying in the power of the wicked one".

Comments for Mobbing

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response to mobbing

OK; So … I really don't know everything. You said you were younger than some secretaries; how young are you? Do you live at home if young (with parents) or are you on your own? Do you own your own home or are you renting?

Not sure I understand the DIFFICULT EMPLOYEE ASHES joke gift. If you 'joke' with a supervisor about 'other people being difficult' it puts a supervisor in a 'bad spot' / doesn't matter what type of relationship you thought you had …work is work and HUMOR is not to be done at work. There is no 'humor' as when in high school carefree days. The supervisor has mortgage, family perhaps, and lots of bills and he is primarily looking out for number one. As a church going respectful person; the Golden Rule used to be: Do to others as you wish it done to you…which meant DON'T make jokes about who is difficult or make jokes about any person anywhere. (I BLAME our tv sitcom society where jokes are made of co workers and the laugh track comes on. We all like to feel 'witty' but …TRUTH: if what you might do or say were done or said to you; how would you feel about 'the joke/' So …self control for the future. KEEP IT STRAIGHT FORWARD in today's society. Kindness always; and they can make no complaint of you.

NEXT…you were or you are a church going person? If you are a church going person (not sure what denomination) BUT begin to volunteer in some capacity and be with others. If need be go to a church in another town; where not known. Two towns over. Volunteer to paint a room in church, or stock shelves in a food bank for homeless, or serve in a soup kitchen. Stay in public view and don't get isolated. Stay around reasonably GOOD folk and KIND folk. (say nothing of past…nothing! Let others form their own ideas) STAY in A CROWD …if there is the surveillance you mention; if they follow you to 'the crowd' you will find good and credible witnesses to your cause. Be meek, quiet, obedient, servant to those in need; and the pastor of church and others you work with will come to see your character. You gain credible witnesses. Rarely do bullies do stuff where credible witnesses congregate.

Definitely go out of ALL social media. ALL OF IT. Then; trash the computer. Toss it. (remove hard drive and run a magnet over it so any data is gone) Do without the computer (if you are not working; you don't need it) Don't hide behind a computer screen don't hide at all…VOLUNTEER with GOOD organizations and show your responsible character to other responsible folk.

FORGET and FORGIVE 'yourself' for any ignorance of human nature in that long gone past and begin anew. If you must look something up use public computers at library. Don't leave comments (and that would mean; (sorry Scott) but stay clear of sites on bullying. Do not share your feelings openly; if you have ONE friend…meet often and share 'lightly' but mostly; just be with that friend and do fun stuff. Lightening up will bring you to relax and trust again. just HAVE FUN with people and don't talk too much. (meek, quiet, obedient and peaceful…and you will attract others of like mind)

I know you said you went to a community college and were given a hard time. CHALK IT UP to 'from whence it came' …avoid the youthful immature; hang with mature. Give time to a assisted living facility or nursing home, volunteer at the Red Cross, give time to church (both in being seen at services and to help in service organizations. GET away from the computer and get back to real life. My hunch is as you get involved again with real people; you won't notice if they are surveilling you or not. And the surveillance will end; because they won't drive by such organizations…it would be very noticed.

The world is evil? Well; yes it is…has been since the fall of Adam and Eve. Conquer evil …with GOOD. (Thus the reason for the above advice)

Summation: 1. Be straightforward and honest and don't try to be a witty person. Think of the Golden Rule in all circumstances. Be mature of spirit. (sitcom humor is not mature) 2. Serve the needs of others and forget your troubles. There will come a peace within. (a job may come of it) 3. Trash the electronic media (computer, I phone, I pad, I pod whatever…journal in a notebook if you must put thoughts down and lock it in a drawer, use snail mail (laws are written about opening private mail) Don't be so quick to share thoughts with others on these devices (discipline the tongue; and you stop the 'devil's instruments in their tracks), 4. Have fun with one good friend. You must have one friend to bowl with? jog with? go to gym with? If not join a GOOD group that does these things and enjoy WITH OTHERS …don't force the friend thing; see how it unfolds. Just ENJOY a group activity. Stay in public view; don't hide behind a computer screen.

ALL GOOD AND HEALTHY 'outgoing' activities. Conquer evil with GOOD and you will begin to see more good around your life. Leave 'the world' to themselves.

Trust in THE LORD and lean not on your understanding. You know what that means? Don't pursue the same ways as 'the world' / go WHOLESOME entertainment not 'instant' type with electronics, do illustrations, paint on canvas, visit others who are lonely…FORGIVE yourself and 'THEM' and God will show you A NEW LIFE. (and take it slow; just a few good things done in the positive mode each day) If they want to surveillance you; SO WHAT? What will they find? A dull routine HAPPY PERSON who isn't paying them any mind at all.

by: Lizzy NJ

PS to Mobbed…I don't doubt you feel anxious for the treatment you have gotten from others; I too once was very disappointed in humanity which I put TRUST in. It hurts to believe anyone could be so very nasty (especially when we've always had good folks surround us)

I also was told; "I am my own worst enemy" …a confusing statement but now I think I understand and what is behind the previous post I sent to you.

We do ourselves in by letting some people MAKE US believe we are 'bad' / It is 'a game' out there. It's called the SHAME AND BLAME game. Humanity as a whole is weak; even the strongest and best are 'weak' in some capacity. (because no one is perfect) We want to believe we are perfect but NO…we are not. So; some know how to shame or blame their opponent in the 'game of life' …if you buy into it out of any unresolved feelings within you make yourself your own enemy. There is a faith practice which allows for the unburdening of deep inside 'sins' little or big… then we hear the words forgiven; and TRUSTING the source of that forgiveness to soul…walk away LIGHT. When anyone wags a finger…IGNORE IT …with full knowing the blame is without substance. (today's pseudo adult world wants to bring us to FALSE GUILT so we become anxious and lose focus in our jobs.

So; if we believe 'the lies' of others that we are bad; because they speak it bluntly or say in in actions of ostracizing, or busting, or pseudo anger…if we are so needy for acceptance we allow another's bad behavior to bring us DOWN…then it wasn't them that is the problem; but OURSELVES and we are our own worse enemy. Do not NEED anyone to 'love' 'accept' / go out and love and accept others who really need an ear to listen. CONQUER EVIL with doing GOOD (and remember the actual persons are not the evil…they are but instruments of the evil one; because of their ignorance of Go(o)d. FORGIVE them in the heart as you ask forgiveness for your own self…so that the grace (favor) given to you (forgiveness) will flow also to them.

Don't be your own worse enemy …believe in God's love for you; and show that love WITH GUSTO…live THE FORGIVENESS to yourself …they won't have any power over your GOOD LIFE.

by: Melissa

In regards to the gift, I went to a gift shop and there wasn't really any options so I gave him a coin bank which he placed on his desk. There was no intention of malice when I gave him the "last minute" gift. It was the thought that counted at the time. I was in my early twenties at the time and fairly new to my career. As for church, I was raised a Jehovah Witness and "I fell off the bandwagon" in my teens. I started studying the bible again because I thought that maybe I was experiencing these things because I stopped worshipping God. I returned back in 2011 and experienced rude behavior from an Elder's wife. It was a disappointment to me because I thought she knew better. I did not know at the time that rumors and had already been spread about me in my community (I became a homeowner at this time). I recall being accused of being a racist by a neighbor who happened to be Muslim at my last place if residence and I didn't know why. My reputation has been slandered by those given the "power" to contact any and all who I come in contact with. My brother has also been targeted. He was set up by law enforcement, his wife left, filed sole custody for their child, he goes from place to place, they ruin his car, manufacture accidents, assault him, and steal from him. Last night my mom had to go to the place where he rents a room because the man threatened his life and took his wallet. The police were contacted and they did nothing. The same thing happened at the last place he rented a room. These people are given the ok to treat him that way. Thank you Lizzy for responding and I always look forward to hearing your responses.

response to mobbing
by: Lizzy NJ

Oh; you are a female law enforcement person. Ok; you gave a coin bank; but why the Difficult Employee Ashes; you said was written on it? Never give gifts with 'messages' as human nature interprets as they wish. ( don't get the message. Was there some hidden message in that message? Keep gifts in an office straightforward. Better I have found, give 'a gift' for ALL in office, quietly (bake cookies and put it on counter area with simple card Happy Holidays … sincerely your name. (with short note: Glad to work with everyone; I've learned so much from everyone)

Next: if your neighbors are 'rude' 'nasty' and charge you with racism (it isn't necessarily you…but their own sensitivity of things of THEIR PAST experience (hyper vigilant on their part) They feel 'as trapped' as you and in some neighborhoods the rule of thumb is 'THE FITTEST SURVIVE' … FIGHT or lose is how some folks live. (yes; INSECURITY)

GOD wants no one to live with bad; and the way UP AND OUT is THE GOD WAY…get a skill, knowledge, but in the interim; Find a place CLEAN and WORK FILLED. This might be difficult if your finances are low. Are you working now? Can you get a room? or small studio apartment IN A GOOD AREA where folks are NICE for reason of being secure themselves. (with good esteem themselves) If so…GO THERE. small studio apartment.

As to that faith group you were RAISED IN…1. if you left it; you were on the right track. There's NOT A LOT OF REQUIREMENTS for living a GOOD LIFE…yes; you can celebrate your day of birth. That gives GOD, Creator glory that you have a presence of HIS SPIRIT on this earth. (it isn't worshipping creatures) We aren't creatures we are CREATION of a CREATOR Spirit and being happy for life gives God Glory. Yes, it is ok to give gifts …with respect to ALL THE GIFTS God has given to us every day…we 'share that understanding' and share with God's creation who touched our life (JW's don't give gifts) As the spirit of God is generous..and THAT SPIRIT is in us; so too 'we give' (WITH thought to others) JW's are about control of a group of persons…God is always about the freedom that comes when we follow God's commands. God never commanded going door to door selling magazines.

If you have a job and some savings and you own that house sell the house for whatever you can get AND GET THEE to a better more PROFESSIONAL neighborhood. Even if with the home sale you have to go VERY SMALL…one bed condo in nice NEIGHBORHOOD / Do not stay where harassed. God doesn't want that done to any.

Find a Faith Practice OF TRUTH. (not just a social club of folks who agree with one another) One where by participation in certain practices you will begin to grow in Spirit. A faith practice where one has grace to confess b the ministerial priest 'in private' / ONCE CONFESSED 'it's not repeated by the one who heard 'in God's name' / Go where God is honored via the word Sacraments. FEED on bread come down from heaven and yes SUNDAY (the day of Ressurrection) Faith practices lead us to transformation. (it is not about bringing in members by knocking on doors)

GET YOURSELF OUT of what does seem to be A BAD NEIGHBORHOOD. Sell that house and buy a small condo; with pool perhaps. DO NOT 'preach' to others of JW knowledge. just HAVE FAITH in God who provides 'as you work'


GOOD LINK on surrounding self with POSITIVE FOLKS… it is

God gives the grace to not be part of BAD…as we WORK the
good ways (knowledge, skills, initiative, honesty, friendliness)
Doors will open to amazing 'grace' for your life when you live
in the Spirit of GO(O)D.

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