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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Mom At End Of Her Rope

by Jeannie

I need help. My child has been pushed off the tornado slide, beat up in locker room, bruised on bus by being hit, punched in private parts and told multiple times he is bad and dumb by other kids.

I'm a single mom with very few resources and the school is only telling me what I want to hear with very little action. My son had a meltdown last week and I kept him home for a day. I now know that the school is turning a blind eye. He is only a fifth grader. This has to stop. Can anyone help me?

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Get an attorney
by: Lynn

If possible, I would switch schools. If not, I would get an attorney, preferably with experience with these types of cases. No one has the right to harm your child. The school is responsible for the safety of your child. Good luck and God bless you both.


Fight back!
by: Anonymous

What about going to your school's parent committee? Or the police, or your MP? Go to your doctor for advice and guidance, I'm sure they'll be able to point you in the right direction. Seek out a professional that KNOWS how to deal with bullying (so important). Some of these services are free. Go above the principal, go to the school board, go to your local newspaper if you get no satisfaction from the school board. Ask them what their policy is, what are they going to do for your child and when? Stand your ground in a respectful manner or your lose they're attention. Listen to their side, but never give up the fight. This is for your child! And always listen to your child, give him that time. His self esteem is being lost. It is not a good thing. Let him know that a lot of people who where bullied do go on to be good people. My doctor was bullied all through grade school and high school. He showed all them didn't he!
Be strong. Your child is watching how you handle this, do well. Keep your child safe.

by: Anonymous

I am sorry for the ongoing abuse your son is suffering. I would definitely change schools he needs to be removed from the toxic school. i have searched long and hard for support for parents who's kids are bullied. We lose sleep, get angry and frustrated and worry beyond belief so far I have not found anything that supports parents as we'll I find this appalling. talking to your doctor about you. And your son should give you a good sounding board. I am so sorry you and your son are going through so much pain.

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