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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Momma In Tears

My son is 14 and is being bullied by his freshman peers in High School. He has gorgeous long flowing hair that is about 8 inches long off his head. He is also a stocky athletic built boy, that has played 3 sports with love and heart for over 8 years. He is very active in school and sports and marching band. But yet has hardly no real friends… he is not shy but is being bullied for his build in body and for his long hair.

He is being bullied by these same people even not in school and his football games and during bus rides.

I feel for him I TOO was bullied in Jr. High and High School and was so overcome with it all I dropped out 8 weeks into my freshmen year of High School, I DO NOT WANT MY SON TO GO DOWN THAT PATH, so I am just looking for an outlet and any help/support on this matter. :)

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Long hair
by: Anonymous

My son too has long hair and this is always a concern for me as his mother. We recently moved from the reservation where it is common for young boys to have long hair but now we live in a small city and he was very worried he would be teased. He went to school and never fit in and he too has played sports for many years. The school he went to was of privileged class kids. He endured it and told me it was alright, but I told his teacher and the principal, which their response was "I can't believe so and so would do such a thing, I have know them since they were in kindergarten". I then followed up with an e-mail and went up and told the teachers what was happening and asked them to keep an eye out. It cut down the harassment my son was going through the teachers and staff need to know you are involved with your child and that you are going to follow up. I transfered him and went in to the school before school started and talked to the principal and told him my concerns of my sons long hair and all, he. I built a relationship with the principal right from the get and went in and met with all his teachers, so that they know I am involved. I am also going to go talk with the football coaches this week about some things that have happened. It takes a lot of work but to be involved is so important and the staff will keep an eye out for things if you ask them and they know you will be involved. Make a paper trail also, email teachers and coaches of thing that may be happening,so that you have a paper trail. My daughter is also experiencing some raciest issues at school and she wrote them up, because these slurs are by the principals daughter (talk about privilege) We are making a paper trail here, because theses things do not need to be happening to our young, especially if it affects them for a lifetime.

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