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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

More Advice Your Employer WON'T Tell You

by NJ anonymous

Here's a link to what bothers your employer:

Employers liable for employee libel on Social Networks!

TIP 1 : do not use the employers computer for personal emailing (in old days it was using his phone for personal phone calls)

TIP 2 : Do not tweet, don't Facebook, DO take your name off of LinkedIN when working, do not blog, do not in anyway 'talk' about your company on line (as management or worker) It is like gossiping in writing (worse yet) and traceable and 'they will get you' (there is no freedom of speech in a private enterprise). In fact, 'freedom of speech' means RESPECTFUL speech. And if worker shows disrespect in the lunchroom or online; employer will find a reason to get rid of. (and with the laws as they are sometimes; they TRY to FORCE you to do wrong by them that is clearly called in legal circles insubordinate. (companies are extremely sensitive to they who in anyway could ruin a hard earned reputation; and if a worker even hints of such; a worker will get that back at them. (I am impartial here, I know workers don't always deserve what they get but at times...they did instigate naively or not) In fact, it is 'the real nasties' that make even the 'innocent' who say one thing wrong...a target for terminating. There's too many in line for worker jobs that businesses have to ignore it. Workers use to be king and queen when free enterprise was abundant; but no more...workers are under the domination of the business.

Don't be a dunce...stay clear of the internet, don't put 'social hot topics' on the car (especially if the topics are conservative in a non conservative world) don't talk of your personal opinions and if to do that it means eating 'out' on lunch time...so be it. Do not even blog. STAY A PRIVATE PERSON.

AVOID as much as possible humans at work. (hello, goodbye, and Happy Holiday 'maybe') Don't get friendly til on the job 10 years at least. (NOT joking)

Workplaces are not social places. They are not bars, hangouts, or 'friendly' / a place where $$ are to be made are not friendly. JUST go in to work. (all the fraternizing will soon be over as in America the new norm is 'work from home' OR work part time, 20 hours. There won't be time for 'talk.' BE IN THE KNOW of the wiles of the tongue and don't be afraid to speak back to 'a mere co worker' with grace. Say it as: "I find that attitude less than professional; ...do not take my silence for approval but silent to your thoughts and opinions I will be." I am in need of this job and I like this firm and I'm NOT agreeing to your comments, ideas, or thoughts. The walls have ears and NOTHING will happen to you for saying this. If they called you in, then you can go into details of what brought it to be. (but they have to initiate the meeting NOT you) NEVER go to 'passive' management on your own believing you are helping them. (they don't want help) They know what is... they allow bullies because of fear of legalities. HELP your employer; just go in do as told and go home. That is all that is required.

The world of working is comprised of 'mean spirited' workers. (and I believe; the majority of bullies are women; which I hate to admit because I am a woman) Women are more insecure. Especially those who are divorced, separated or single moms. (with good reason) Bullied at 'home' ...they bring it to the office.

TOUGH world.

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