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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Music Director At Church

by Anonymous Musician
(Professional Church Musician)

Hired more than 5 years ago to play instrument, direct choir, now 28 years of experience.

There is an elderly woman also in employment who plays weekly. Plays more than terribly. Her playing is worse weekly.

Spouse, who has history of verbal abuse and explosive anger, and daughter who takes after father, and just as an aside farts during church services, have taken it upon themselves to discredit professional musician because, in following clerical direction, the professional musician is now doing something that they don't like. They gave ultimatum to cleric that this elderly woman who plays more than badly gets what they want...

My evaluation, as the professional, now includes their complaints (she plays badly, can't keep tempo, and they are upset about various attempts to addresses tempo issues between her and choir), and despite contract, the cleric is requesting concessions...

Elderly woman has not discussed her issues with cleric nor with professional musician.

Basically, the professional musician is being challenged by 2 persons who have no authority to review contract nor to evaluate professional musician.

While I'd like to move onto another position, especially after all these years of dealing with this dysfunctional triangle, there has been no job postings for the entire time. I'm ready to hire a lawyer to address workplace harassment.

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