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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

My Brother Is Being Bullied — What Do I Do?

by Morgan

My brother is a freshman in high school. He gets bullied all the time and he doesn't live with me and our dad and stepmom and lives in a different county. I just found out earlier that a kid that has been bullying him this year stabbed him with a needle in his hand today. Right now my brother lives with our grandmother and grandfather due to some other issues with our mom. My brother has always been bullied as long as I can remember. I feel bad because we have always been in separate schools (I graduated last year), so I've felt like there is nothing I can do. Teachers have been told on many occasions, but nobody does anything about it it seems like. I feel bad for him. He already doesn't have much self confidence so I don't want to be the one to say something to these people that pick on him and make him feel worse because his sister is defending him and taking care of it. I just don't know what to do...

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Keep Reaching Out!!
by: Anonymous

Hello, Morgan from Alabama, I understand what your brother is going through because I to was bullied as an child when I was in elementary school. What your brother is looking is for someone to intervene on his behalf. I needed the same thing when I was a child. Don't think it's nothing you can do to show your support for him... it's alot you can do like: going to your parents and even grandparents with his story. If you don't get the support from the parents and grandparents then you can go to his schools principal and share his story if he's too shy to do so. After that point if things still persist then keep your story online at website like this one and even consider doing an video on youtube showcasing his history of bullying... Best regards to you and your brother and I hope someone listens to your brother's story and takes it seriously!!

Reply My Brother is Being Bullied - What do I do?
by: Anonymous

I agree with the reply from anonymous that your brother needs support. However, I also think that you should go to the Police as your brother has been assaulted contrary to criminal law. You should engage a Solicitor and sue the school for their failure to protect him - duty of care and negligence. Speak up. Talk to your parents, your school counsellor and keep going until someone listens to you and helps you.

I wish you and your brother all the best.



My brother
by: Anonymous

My brother just got hurt today and has a swollen chin and he says that he won't go to school because he is scared that people would make fun of him. I asked him if he is being bullied or not but he is not answering what should I do?

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