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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

My Child Is A Target For Bullies Because He Is Different

by Tracey
(Springfield, IL)

Here is what I have been dealing with ever since my child was in elementary school. My child would get picked on so bad he would make himself sick. I wasn't really happy about him getting bullied. I went to the school all the time because of this. I have been speaking up about my child being bullied. I don't know if anything is being done. My child started middle school last year and I thought everything was fine but I was wrong. He told me he was getting picked on.

My child has special needs and he is in special education classes. I guess he would come home and tell me, "mom I had to fill out a bully form" he sad two times and then next day 3 more. Well now he is in seventh grade and I was hoping things would change. No they got worse.

I got a call Monday about some kid that is in the same class with my son. They were using the restroom and this kid came from behind my child and choked him. The kid I guess let go after my son washed his hands. I really hope something is being done about this. From what my son was telling me that the kid was not in school I wonder how long he will be out for.

I am just so upset that the school can't do more about this. it is upsetting me not knowing what is going to happen this year and wondering about my son at school now because of what happened. I also know that I think that since my child is different he is a target. I am really mad this has gone on for so long. Someone is always teasing and making fun of my son my son. He has speech issues and he can be hard to understand, but what makes me mad is my son was talking about a mothership and I guess the kids turned it into mother sh** which really is not good.

Comments for My Child Is A Target For Bullies Because He Is Different

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Special Son
by: Lizzy NJ

This is a sensitive issue; for your son. I'm not sure of the particulars; as to his special needs. Is he disabled physically or is it cognitive (mental) slowness? *Please don't be upset with that question...but your answer will make a difference in what might be needed.

Is it possible the 'picking on' that you describe is 'guy stuff?' boys will be boys...and perhaps your son needs to learn how to be leader of the pack. He should dress in the clothes that do not make him look different, he should know how to avoid confrontations by making sure he is not isolated. If he has 'a friend' in same class; let his friend be there in restroom also. (if more than one friend; all the better. Let 'bully' see YOUR SON is not vulnerable. He has a 'gang' (so to speak) he travels with. Bullies are cowards.

Again; if your son is mainstreamed in regular classes and he is able to do work as anyone else; but he merely has a physical disability such as stuttering; there are outside sources that can help him. If he has a special ability; in art or music; this should be encouraged... or wood working. Something where speech is not an issue and what your son CAN DO is emphasized. If he can develop his muscular strength; by weight lifting, or can run track and field... KIDS will begin to see not HIS DIFFERENCE but crowd around him to learn his secret to being so good.

If your son is a bit slow in intellectual understanding; then maybe he needs special classes (but in a regular school) or perhaps; he would be better in a private religious school; where other students are taught compassion and to help son's esteem.

You need to guage what is best for your son; and you...not the school per se, have to help your son to 'fight' his own battles' ...if he is able to. FIGHT not physically but in ways that show he knows how to zig and zag in life around the bully. (because they are EVERYWHERE... BUT so are the kinder folk)

Follow Up On Story I Shared
by: Tracey

Today I went to my son's school to talk to the principal it seems that I am happy that we got this out and she was able to tell me what happened so now what is going to happen is the kid will not be using the restroom with my son as well as not sitting next to him which is good. My boyfriend has told her that if it happens again we will go and get action taken. I really don't ever want to worry about my son at school. I am very glad that my child now knows that he can tell the teacher or principal about what happens, which is good and we have also let him know to tell us that day when he comes home from school.

I hope that this will help my mind but it will always be in the back of my mind. I pray every night that lord keep my son safe while he is in school.

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