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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

My Daughter Is Being Bullied At School By Three Girls

by Hope

I have never done this before but my heartfelt pain for my 8 year old daughter is becoming to painful for one to bare.

I have come to this point of forever questioning myself WHY?

Yes! my daughter is different. Different in the way that she is kind, thoughtful, a blast to play with but can be very quiet.

I have just found out that my D has been bullied and she had
no idea that it has been going on.

Three little girls are starting a storm this is my D story.

My D, lets call her Faith has been at this New School for almost a whole semester.

All started well, Faith was a new little girl thriving in a new environment. We were HAPPY!

Faith has just informed me I think it all happened at Easter time as these girls seemed a little Strange.

Faith wanted to give everyone in her class an Easter treat and was so happy in doing this.

Faith had told me that these three little girls had also given her a present it was a tissue decorated with spots on it. As I have told my children no matter what someone gives it is the thought that counts. Faith was very thankful for the present and little did I know she had it put away in a treasured place in her room.

Each lunch hour these 3 little girls would entice Faith to sit with them. That would asked her to share her food and she did. Play bell goes she follows them thinking that they are her friends. The girls run off into the toilets together then come out running the other way leaving Faith behind. Leaving Faith blank not understanding what's just happened.

A girl who also plays with the 3 girls suddenly emerged and asked Faith were did the girls go. Faith said they ran away. This girl went on further saying "these girls don't like you." Faith said "that's not true! Why did they call me and ask me to sit with them." The girl had said "Because you have yummy food and that is what they want they do not like you."

These 3 little girls also gossip to each other by looking at her and whispering in each others ear. (How Much Can One Take)

It has now come down to the 3 little girls have now taken all of Faith's friends that she had. Today she had no one. All she noticed that all the people she knew are now playing with these 3 little girls.

My Daughter just doesn't understand why they are doing it and what is it that she has done.???

With my pain and grief I will talk to the teacher next week about Faith. I will let you all know how it goes.

Thanks for reading my thoughts.


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