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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

My Hell On Earth

by Becca

6 years ago I joined a small distribution company; first thing I noticed 80% of staff had been there for 10 years or more. Secondly everyone seem to be related to each other, friends of friends, cousins, sisters, mother and daughter etc.

Many cliques. In comes ME, outsider; contractual worker who has no 'ties' to anyone there. Newbie, fresh meat for the wolves. My bad luck I get a boss who craves attention and is an egotist. She came in a year before me and I was hired to do her administrative work. The first 3 years was tolerable as it was only my boss and myself in the department. She was recently promoted (last year) and currently in charge of 3 departments. 1 dept in particular is run by a woman who has been with the company for 35 years; she was foaming at the mouth. My boss asked me to help out, that's where my problems began. Rather than have it out with my boss; she and her minions began a terror campaign on me. The other departmental head is her BFF.

Even though I completed tasks that were given to me both heads would complain to my boss that I was not cooperative despite me showing proof and done to expectations. On occasion I even stayed back to help out yet the 2 heads would actually get their minions to complain that I did not do their work.

The Madam 35 years service in company went to the extent of asking her staff to excommunicate me. How did I find out; I casually asked one of her staff how her 'holiday' was; she told "I'm sorry I cant talk to you my boss has warned me to stay away from you, not to talk to you, not to even come near you or look at you; please don't talk to me." This was said loudly in front of 50 over staff and my boss watching everything.

A sympathetic observer advised me to protect myself by keeping the lowest of lowest profiles; I stayed away from all staff, coming in to office exactly on time, lunchtime avoiding all contact with the staff and keeping to myself. I shy away from all gatherings and if there is a clique or group talking in front of me; I flee. If I see my boss's bffs; I flee not wanting to be caught in a compromising situation in terms of what I say or may say. I held on out of necessity because a.) I have dependents, b.) I'm 40 plus and in my country its not easy getting a job at my age. I swallowed every insult. So much so I'm in fear; I suffer from stomach ailments.

35 years in the company, this madam has influence over several depts. One of the departmental secretaries who has nothing whatsoever to do with me asked her staff to pass all incoming mail to me at the 1st week of the month. No memo was given to me nor she did even pick up the phone to tell me. I did not complain. I did the job.

My boss now passes remarks about me to other managers in FRONT OF ME. "Her face is so black because her heart is so evil," "Stupid and cannot be trained."

Why have I not complained to HR? HR is afraid of my boss due to her close ties with the CEO.

Yesterday I finally broke down and nearly walked out when my boss called me a 'fucking staff' in front of the whole office then proceeded to say "You have no friends in this office and because of that I have no friends"; I knocked and went back into her office asking as polite as possible to clarify. Her reaction "I know you don't want to do work; S and R complained that they don't like to pass work to you; my reaction - please call them in boss; I would like my accusers to clarify as whatever was passed to me was settled on the same day and submitted back to R. "I know you finished the work, its your attitude, you show that you don't want to do the work; I know you." "What way am I rude to them?" Her reply, "Get out my office, I don't want to see your face." At that point, I couldn't help myself and told her; Boss you humiliated me in front of the whole office; I'm entitled to have an explanation. "Are you challenging me, was her reply?" "You want to fight is it," she went on and on and I left her room.

The culprits in question stood outside the door and laughed. People outside of the office have told me that I'm fighting a war that can't be won and its only a matter of time before a.) I develop PTSD and have to leave on my own or b.) My boss finds a strong loophole to throw me out which would please Madam 35 years in service and her bffs.

I have tried and am still trying to find a job.

I hope no one has to go through what I'm going though; I would not wish it on my worst enemy.

Thanks for listening.

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Re; Hell on Earth
by: Sarah

Just get away from them. I've been through this BS myself.
People like that are nothing but sociopaths and sharks.
It's been estimated that up to 50% of bosses may be sociopaths or narcissists, so unfortunately it's not hard to meet one; and they are good at getting into positions of power or influence. They are utterly ruthless and as in my case, you CAN end up getting stalked or harrassed by their followers once outside the workplace.
I know you have dependents, but get away now while your health and sanity is still intact. I doubt your children will benefit if you stay there and end up becoming ill!
I promise you won't win - and any boss who asks if you're looking for a fight is not worth working for - that's very immature and a sure sign or narcissism.
I wish you the best of luck for the future.

Hell On Earth
by: Anonymous

I am so sorry for the hell you are going through.
And I think we DO need to be supportive of each other and listen to each other at times like this.
How can we heal and carry on if no one cares? I read that 15% of the world are psychopaths who bully others, but there are some days I think those numbers ought to be reversed.

Please don't give up in finding another job. There has to be something for you somewhere.

Hell on Earth Reply
by: Anonymous

You should either take action or leave. The situation is so bad now that your only option in my opinion is to take legal action. You will either have to sue the company or leave. If you choose to sue the company, you should gather as much documentation as possible. For example, copies of the work you've done which have been signed off as satisfactory. Keep a diary with entries in it about what is happening - time, date, location, who was involved, what was said and how it made you feel. You should also go to the Doctor if you've not done this already to document by an objective standard the work issues.
I don't think you'll be happy there and the mistake made was tolerating the bullying. Many people have been through this and it is not easy. For your own sanity I think given the situation now, your only option is to leave. Find another job - any job - and go.
I wish you all the best in a very difficult situation.

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