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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

My Right To Feel Safe At Work

by sadmamma
(United Kingdom)

I started a new job after getting back on my feet due to a life threatening situation in my family. In the first couple of months I had no issues with my co workers. My line manager micro managed but I put it down to the fact she had long service but lacked training. 3 month later a new co worker arrived on the scene she was loud, aggressive and difficult to relate to for me. She was a friend of my co worker so they bonded. She arrived whilst I was on leave.

They both spoke together and exclude me from conversations and would ignore me or take a negative attitude to my request to ask for assistance with work we shared. One of them was okay on her own with me but the when the other was in the vicinity the attitude would change.

I spoke to my partner about my experience he as a professional manager suggested I raise the issue with my senior manager.

I did this but it was a big mistake. I had a meeting with my manager then another with him and line manager. They then had a meeting with my co workers and themselves I was excluded.

I was then called into another meeting with all of us because the atmosphere was bad in our workplace, my co worker was trying to provocate me with bad behaviour I tried to speak out she shouted me down.

My senior manager called us all into a meeting.

My co workers were both angry at me because I went behind their backs to management but they were behaving badly to the point I knew they would not listen to any reasonable requests from me.

During the meeting they made me out a liar and I could only shrug my shoulders, the new co worker took the floor pointed her finger and raged and was allowed to behave like this. The other was so offended that I had gone behind her back to management.

It was like a big game for them. I had a light bulb moment these people would never treat me fairly with honesty and respect.

My manager asked us to do a course which was supposed to help us all reflect on the current situation.

I am now getting the silent treatment from both of them. I don't feel as bad because I understand that I need to make a decision because not one of them have the guts to stop their behaviour.

Alarm bells rang when they were abusive about our senior manager. I know my only option is to leave. I really wish I could challenge and confront anyone who bullies. Having real life drama is painful. No one needs people behaving badly in their lives, I look at someone who has come back from the brink of death and they are my inspiration for living life to the full.

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