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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

My Six Year Old Boy Is Being Bullied

by Lisa

My six year old boy is being bullied. I tried talking to his parents and asked them if they could have a word with their son but was told not to be bothering them and it was natural for boys to fight.

My son is not a fighter and tends to cry rather than hit back. I have told him to stay up outside his own door but now this bully is coming up and picking on him again. I've told him not to speak to him but this seems to aggravate him and he ends up chasing him and kicking him.

He starts by mocking him and telling him he's stupid and when my son says something back he has pushed him, kicked him, stuffed grass in his mouth.

I'm not sure what to do next. Should I contact the police? Would they help with something like this?

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Martial Arts
by: Summum Bonum

I had always planned to raise my boys as pacifists but have come to the realization that this is not a pacifist world. The reality is that people can be mean and my kids are going to have to deal with it. As much as we try to act civilized and tell people to just think and talk things over, people will always resort to their animal instincts and get physical.

Both my boys, now aged 7 and 9, have been bullied for years, both in school and playing outside at home. I finally had enough and enrolled them both into martial arts classes, and I don't regret that one bit. Not only have these classes helped to keep them from getting physically bullied (yes, alas the verbal bullying continues), it has improved their self esteem and confidence, so maybe they will be better able to tolerate the verbal bullying.

Taking these classes has not changed my boys and they continue to be pacifists and never pick fights (except occasionally with one another), but they and I know that should trouble confront them, they are prepared.

Note from Anton:The best defense is a strong offense. It's important to understand, as your comment shows, that martial arts training does not make your child into a bully. It gives them the tools to deal with bullies. And that goes well beyond just the physical aspects. The discipline and self-confidence can make the difference between your child being able or unable to cope with bullying. There is an excellent program by Adam Blum that explains these principles in great detail and gives practical solutions. For more info see: Total Bullying Solution Review

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