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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

My Son Is Being Bullied by Grown Women

by Nicky

My son was 4 when we finally moved out of our cramped little apartment and into a decent place. During the first summer we set up a pool and a boy stopped over to play in it with my son. It turned out the boy was 10, which seemed kinda odd, but we didn't know anyone here and it was nice for my boy to have somebody to play with.

I thought at first that he was a nice boy, until I heard him when he didn't think I was listening. I spoke to him about his language with my son and he apologized. The next thing I know he has taken my son out of my yard and has him throwing rocks at the windows of an empty house. I spoke to his mother, nothing was done.

I tried to not let him come over but for some reason my son had grown attached and it was hard to watch him play all by himself. So I decided to keep a closer eye on him when he was here. He started breaking my sons toys because he wanted them and I wouldn't let him just take all my kids toys. I'm sorry he doesn't have that many toys, it's not my job to get them for him. So I approached the mother again, again nothing.

Then he started putting holes in our pool, cut up the slip-and-slide and taught my son that he was poor because he didn't have any toys at their house, which makes no sense but my boy was 4 and came home crying.

I was then approached by another lady that just wanted to tell me about how she had heard this woman talking to my son completely out of pocket. So I approached the mother again, again nothing was done.

I stopped the kid from coming over, so he started being mean to my son on the bus. He just started Kindergarten, I wanted this to be an amazing experience for him and this boy and his mother completely ruined it. He spits in my boys face, hits him when the bus driver isn't looking, and takes his stuff. When my son tells the bus driver apparently there isn't proof so it's my son's word against the older boy's.

Now the mother is starting rumors about my now 5-year-old son in the neighborhood and none of the other kids can play with him. I'm not sure what the right thing to do here is, I really want to show up on her doorstep and punch her in the face, but I'm aware that that is not the right thing or helpful. HELP

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