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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

My Son Was Assaulted By Another Student

by Sherri

In November of 2013, my son was assaulted by another student. It was set up with the help of others to take place off school grounds. As a result, my son suffered a broken nose, fractured ankle, and cuts to the face. He was left bleeding in a parking lot. We filed charges and in May of 2014 the student plead guilty to menacing with a deadly weapon - a class 5 felony. This was reduced from the initial charge of assault, class 4 felony.

We took pictures to the school and a copy of the restraining order. They have had a wait and see approach since then. They told us until sentencing there wasn't much that could be done. After sentencing, I asked the school board to remove this other student - he is out of district - and they voted against it. I am also told that my son will have to take at least one class with the boy that assaulted him. They will both be seniors and government is a required class. I feel like my son is a victim day after day of this, and the school doesn't take it seriously.

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