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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

My Story - Judy Wells

by Judy Wells

I was a victim of bullying. My name is Judy and I am one of four children, two brothers and another sister. Bullying is like stress, the acts or symptoms are worse than they sound and if you become a victim of either one, you need to be careful it doesn't make you very sick, or almost kill you! I was a victim of bullying and it ended with my going through a very stressful period which almost cost me my life.

Stricter laws need to be put in place against bullying. I am now thirty years old. I don't work and doubt I will ever work again. I have been diagnosed with a severe depressive disorder and anxiety. In my last company the two supervisors I had even, went against me all because of a male colleague they thought liked me. I have experienced hate, abuse, and being teased for not meeting the standards of other girls in my department, whether it be work related or personal.

I then, tracked down my father who had divorced my mother years earlier and both of us together filed a complaint against the last company I was getting mistreated in. I successfully sued and now although I would need help if ever I want to work again, I have enough money to keep me afloat for the rest of my life. To all those that have been bullied, I suggest doing the same. You may or may not be able to get a parent or parents to help, but do seek legal assistance, because bullying, and any other form of abuse in the workplace is actually against the law.

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Creating zero tolerance
by: Linda Guirey

Your story Judy is tragic, but empowering for those who are considering to fight bullying. Clearly the legislation in NSW is on your side, here in NZ it is not so clear cut. We don't have any bullying legislation, only Health and Safety in the Workplace - and when you start talking about stress related health problems as a result of bullying - things get cloudy.

The more we fight workplace bullying, the more we create a zero tolerance, then the more the bully finds it harder to operate. We need to stop colluding and become part of the solution, not part of the problem.

You are to be commended - although at a high personal cost to you.

The 'Marbles Expert'

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