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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

My Story Of Being Picked On. From Bullies To Success In Life.

by Shawn C.
(Eastern Shore Of Maryland)

I don't have a child myself (hopefully in the future), but I would like to share my experience with being picked on and bullied and where I am today. My hope is to show people that are going through this difficult time that there is light at the tunnel, and it's going to be great. If you ever had a guidance counselor tell you that high school is the best time of your life, is total b.s.

I starting getting picked on in the 2nd grade, I was picked on by everyone about everything about myself. I tried to tell my teacher but she did nothing (thanks public school system). I felt so low, I didn't have any friends, I was a complete outcast. I tried everything to fit in, I hated school. Others would call me names, take my lunch, and beat me up. I wasn't a bad kid, in fact I was pretty laid back, and I never cause harm to anyone. There was a single desk in the back of cafeteria, and everyday I would sit here and eat my lunch. I didn't play on the playground in elementary school, because I never felt accepted by my classmates. My self-esteem did take a toll for the worse. I cried a lot at home and I just got to the point where I didn't talk to anyone about my feelings or problems.

In middle school I thought I had caught a break from it all, I had a few friends. Or so I thought, they pretended to be friends with me. I invited them to my birthday party, but none of them showed. The next day at school I found a card on my locker and it had written in it, 'happy birthday s#&t head, drop dead', and all of my so-called friends had signed it. That year was like my classmates wanted me to commit suicide or something.

It didn't let up in high school either, although I had taken care of the bullies by taking marshal arts classes (I was a green belt by the 10th grade) and I built up a lot of muscle. But I was still picked on, it's like they had no sense of respect. I even had a teacher in high school that told me that I wasn't going to be an architect (which is what I wanted to be since the 4th grade), that crushed me.

I finally had a girlfriend and my first date in the 12th grade, we had so much in common, and I really liked her. But I soon found out that she was also faking it. She had dated and even had sex with other guys. And one day I received an email from her, it was a video of her having sex with a guy that picked on me everyday. She was saying things like to hell with him, he can drop dead. And I just broke down, she had crushed my heart. I tried to commit suicide, but it failed. I got better and went to school and everyone found out about what happened. But yet nothing stopped. I never went to prom or went on any senior trips or anything. I now regret missing all of it. Then I graduated high school, thank god. I didn't have a graduation party.

When I was even in college some of my high school classmates would write emails to me picking on me. But at this time I didn't give a crap, cause I made good, true friends in college. I was actually pretty popular in college, because they took the time to get to know me. I did have some trouble with taking people seriously when they were joking (still have that issue, but not as bad.). I got my masters in architectural design and construction science, top of my class.

I soon got my first job and licence as a architect, ever sense then I would email the teacher that said I would never be an architect and tell her what I was designing, send articles of interviews and designs I've done. After that I met a woman that would be my lovely wife <3. Now I live a very happy life and I design conservatories, my designs have been seen around the world and are well known (I made a pretty good name for myself). And when I go back to my hometown to visit, I see my former classmates (typically working at McDonald's, lol). And they see (the hole town and the world) what I've become. I even do public speaking at the elementary, middle, and high school about being picked on, bullies, and chasing a dream (even if a teacher tells you can't do it).

I'm so blessed in my life now and I hope my experience would help you or your child to stay strong and to know that things will get better, and that we all can do anything we put our minds to, no matter what anyone says. Thank-you for reading my experience.

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you are amazing
by: Anonymous

good for u!! U R WORTH SO MUCH!!!!! never forget it. this made my day. god bless you sir.

Need more
by: Anonymous

All over the internet you read about these kids ending their lives. WE need more stories about success to show these kids there is hope.

public vs private school
by: Anonymous

if you believe your child is being bullied then, transfer your kid to a private school. My daughter was in first grade she told me her teacher grabbed her drawing from her and balled it up in her fist showed students and tossed it in the trash humiliating my daughter the first week of school. I was absolutely appalled by this teacher making my daughter feel shameful and scared. i wasted no time and took immediate action that afternoon. i called a private school, made an appointment to discuss my daughters experience and getting her transferred out of this public school asap. of course, she needed to be tested etc. In short, got her transferred, had her tutored for a weakness in phonics. It was the best decision i made for my daughter! if your child is bullied by students or teacher get them into a private school asap.

by: Anonymous

Phi alpha

muchos gracias
by: Anonymous

Thanks so much for this article. Im writing an argumentative essay and your arguments really helped my grade and my self esteem. so sorry about your passed life but when there's bad things there will always be something good in the future. Happy for you,
signed a student from CCHS

Love it!
by: Anonymous

How you continuously emailed that teacher to rub their nose in it! Good for you! You were obviously a sensitive, caring, intelligent young boy.. hence why you were targeted. I wish you all the very best and congratulations on your success.

by: maria

Congratulation!! I was a victim myself but now I am starting my own bussines, have wonderful boyfriend(caring and understanding)...and the people who use to bully me have failed marriaged or no job. We are strong people..and our strength is in our mind and heart...not in violence. Gd bless you!!

My story is different
by: Someone

When I read your post, I saw myself. I was also picked up on and for 2 years continuously I was called by name "gay". Even though I'm not gay. I was also sexually harassed by other (male) students when I was 11.
I forgive them for what they did to me and decided to move on, I never believed in revenge.
Right now I'm so depressed not because what happened when I was child but this depression is not leaving me alone. I feel suicidal most of the time. I couldn't continue my engineering, the people who bullied me are successful right now. And those 2 guys who sexually harassed me are also successful, one is electrical engineer and other one is teacher.

I wasn't a bad kid, I always got more than 80% in all exams. May be they tortured me because I'm from lower caste and my skin colour is little bit darker. I don't feel any hope. I've lost and they have won.

by: Anonymous

Thank you so much for sharing your experience with others! You are truly amazing!!!

Thank you!
by: Anonymous

thank you so much for this article. I have no idea how long ago this was written but I am doing my health article on bullying in change to success and you were the perfect source. So glad you made it and stayed strong. You have such an amazing story!

by: Robert Turley

Congratulations on surviving so long with the abuse you endured. It takes a strong person to tell your story. I wish you continued success!!

Good For You!
by: Holly

Thank you for taking the time to type this. congrats on your success. I am truly happy for you.

The last will be first
by: Anonymous

@Someone: I was feeling the same way today, I saw a girl who used to bully me on Facebook. She is happily married, has a successful career and lots of friends. I am still single and living with a roommate, and have a few friends. I had to remind myself that here and now is not all there is. These people Haven't "won." I believe God has a plan, and He says, "the last will be first, and the first will be last." We may not see the outcome in this life, as none of us can see the full picture. But rest assured God has your back.

Been there, done that, and still inspiring
by: Eddie R

Yes, I have endured bullying numerous times, but I still never let it get the better of me. While I have struggled with Aspergers, I am glad that I learned of this which has given me a fighting cause.

I'm Inspired
by: Anonymous

Your story is amazing and I personally want to shake your hand and congratulate you for being able to get though all of what you've gone through. Truly Inspiring

Good for you!
by: Beth

Your story broke my heart. I had very similar experiences in grade school and high school. A best friend that would piss me off and guard the door so I couldn't leave her house while I melted down and cried. She got other students to kick me when we were sitting on the ground playing a game. She had a friend beat me up in middle school and spread rumors about me at her school. She broke a key chain I gave her, threw it at me and did not speak to me for months. I should have been happy. She had her neighbors cousin who was here visiting call me and tell me horrible things about myself. I did not know a the time that she instigated it. There were many times that I wanted to die in my youth. Feeling powerless took me to lifting weights. I am still little, but I feel powerful! But my experience, horrible to me, is not like yours. You are strong! And I am glad you feel successful! There are going to be haters. I pray that they feel our pain before the check out! Congratulations! And thank you for sharing. Beth

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