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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

My Story Of School And Cyber-Bullying

by Allissa

I was bullied several times. It all started in Elementary School. I would come home crying every night because I was being bullied. I would get called "four eyes", "fat", "ugly", you name it. I was called a lot of names. I really don't know why I was hated so much. I guess where I live people will only like you if you're pretty.

I had barely any friends growing up, I had one. Her and I have been friends since kindergarten, and aren't really friends anymore. In Junior High I thought it stopped. Until grade 8... I was "t-bagged"... There was a group of boys, and two of them came up and said "We are going to t-bag you", after that I had no chance to run away. I was jumped instantly. There was a group watching and laughing, and not doing anything about it. They were being bystanders. My sister and friend was next, but they both ran away.

I went to my uncle's house but he thought I was kidding. I wasn't. I was on my way to my aunties house for a project that day, so I ended up telling her about it, and soon later the cops were involved. I got a restraining order against them, and they moved to a different school. Although we were soon in the same school again... High School...

Later that year, some guy I don't even know made a Facebook page about me saying "Like this page if you hate Allissa". I was hurt, I just wanted this all to end. I was in the principal's office so many times that year, I kept getting called down to the office to talk to the people, and soon I was the most hated person in my school. Even in High School everybody who doesn't know me hates me, because of those two boys, and the people that do know me... well hates me. I really just wanted it to end.

In High School it stopped, but since I play video games I was cyberbullied, a lot. I was called an "internet whore", "cunt", "Canadian whore", you name it, On the internet I was cyberbullied so much, and I was called so many names. It was unbearable at points. Just after Christmas 2012 I was harassed again, but this time it actually made me in tears. I was on Skype with a friend, that witnessed it. He ended up getting involved. My parents heard me crying shortly after... They were involved too. There was a lot of arguing.

January 2nd 2013 I finally cracked. I told my parents what I did Summer 2012. I told them I sent "pictures", well I didn't directly, my auntie did. I texted my auntie saying "will you still love me if I did something bad." She answered back in the morning saying "yes, I will always love you." But since I wasn't answering right away, and my grandma saw my post on Facebook about visiting hours to heaven, they thought I committed suicide. My mom came in and checked up on me. I was still alive, because I still have a friend over. When I texted my auntie back I told her, I was in a lot of tears that morning. My auntie said she was coming to pick me up and deal with it. Then she told my parents after they arrived.

Well the person I sent those pictures too, ended up sending them to a 46 year old... Who asked for more pictures. An updated photo of me at 16, instead of 15. He said he asked for another one, because he wanted to protect me. He told me not to tell my parents that I sent them in the first place. The next day, after he said that I knew I had to tell them. People around me kept saying tell your parents, tell me! So I listened to the people around me.

I learned that just because you are bullied at school or on the internet, doesn't mean you believe what they say. You have to stand up for yourself. I never did. But... I should of. I made a video on YouTube to inspire people. I wanted to make people inspired. I am not scared to show the world who I am..... I want them to know the real me. People NEVER know the real me. They always assume. If anyone you know is getting bullied, and they won't stand up for themselves, then you stand up for them. It's the right thing to do. Don't ever be a bystander, it's just like being a bully. Well that's my story.

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