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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Napoleon At Work

I have 2 bosses (owners of the company), one is super nice and the other just plain bully that hates his life. The thing is that this guy, let's call him Napoleon, bullies everyone. He fights and yells at everyone including his partner (company partner). He even yells at our clients, which some of them left. One time he just started ranting about how "people like me" are the cause of this whole housing market crash. So I asked him, what do you mean by "people like me" and he said that people like me who cant afford a home and now have to bail banks out because of me. I was so shocked of what he was saying that I could not even say anything back. BTW, this was said in front of other employees. I was so upset that I stormed out. My other boss wants to work things out with the rest of the employees that he hired a consultant to talk to us but she was no help. As a matter of fact she told them that she can't help because the other boss will not admit that things he does are mean. So they hired another consultant. It was still the same as a matter of fact it had gotten worse. There was even a time when he grabbed my hair to sit me down. This went on for four years and finally I could not take it anymore so I quit. Tried filing for unemployment and they denied me because it said that I did not explore all reasonable solutions before I quit. I want to appeal but for hostile environment but I am not sure how strong my case is. I really hate this guy. I just hope KARMA comes back to him hard.

How to Deal With Workplace Bullying: What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

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