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Narcissistic Mother-Daughter Duo

Hello, I am a first-time poster to this forum. I have a 13 year-old daughter who is having trouble with a classmate - we'll call her Anna. Anna utilizes social media as her tool of choice to belittle and exclude. I have had in-depth conversations with my daughter and we believe we are witnessing classic narcissist traits. Several weeks ago, someone created an anonymous post on a popular social media platform. The post was insulting to Anna, which set off a firestorm with her mother to determine the identity of the original poster. My daughter did not submit the post; that much I have verified. However, now we have come to find out that Anna's mother has been talking to other moms in the neighborhood and "theorizing" that it was my daughter who submitted the cruel post.

I am now seeing where Anna gets her narcissistic traits from. I would very much like to confront Anna's mother about this and suggest that it is unconscionable for her to gossip about my daughter with absolutely no facts at hand.

Some additional background: issues between my daughter and Anna have gone on since December 2017, and perhaps even longer. My daughter is keeping a log of her interactions with Anna and has actually shared that with the school counselor.

My question is simple: is it worth confronting Anna's mother, knowing that she may in some ways be the source of her daughter's behavior? I have lost sleep over this and would appreciate the input from those who may have had similar experiences.

A Concerned Dad

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