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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Nasty Email

by Devasted and Feeling Stupid

I have been working at this company for about 4 years. The other woman I work with has been there for 30 years. We are the only two women in the office. From day one, people warned me what a control freak she is and she was but I just dealt with it. Well, we became closer the past year and we would give each other advice on family, friends, etc. It was nice talking to her and even though she was controlling with work (she wouldn't give me anything to do) I looked past that and dealt with it. I ask her everyday if there is anything she needs help with and she always says no it's not worth the time to train you when I can just do it myself. I have the same experience she does but she'd rather be busy than give me some of the work because she wants all the credit but whatever, I dealt with that but what she did to me next I can't believe.

One of my coworkers was out of the office and called and asked me to forward an email for him on his laptop. Well as I was looking for this email to forward one popped up about me. She had written him an email tearing me apart personally and professionally. It was devastating. Now there isn't anyone I can go to because she has been there for 30 years and everyone including the owner is afraid of her. She talks about everyone and even sends these nasty emails about our boss to everyone making fun of him. I wish I saved those so I can forward them to him. The boss won't fire her, he can't because no one knows what she knows about that company because she has had all the control. Now I have to go into work tomorrow and pretend everything is ok until I find something else. It's going to be so hard knowing they think so little of me. I wish I could share with you the contents of this email. It was horrible, horrible stuff.

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