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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Never Ending Bullying

by Steve

The bullying all started when new neighbours moved next door. We share an access and they now have put a lock on a side that's shared, they then put a lock so we could not maintain our property. My partner is disabled and the neighbour knows he can't fight back.

He's made the life we live a living hell. We went to the cab and they told us to go to the police. The police did not help, instead they tried to blame us when it was the neighbour who was doing all the damage to our property.

In the summer I was in the back garden and I heard them talking about getting our property. These people and their family and taxi driver have made it so hard for us to go out of our house. They look through our windows and laugh. They have done deliberate damage to our property more than once.

The police do not think we had to put CCTV in when he got frightening. We where so scared. At one point we had just painted the shed in our back garden, and we just sat down to have a coffee. Next we heard bang, bang, bang, on the side of our home. So my partner got his sticks and we opened the door. To our horror there was the neighbour throwing his bins at our house. We thought we would be polite and ask him why he was throwing his bins against our house, to which he replied, "you painted the shed," we then said, "so you through your bins against our house because we painted our own shed," to which he went inside. His wife and him have since painted our shed during the pandemic.

They walk past the window laughing and have now started doing this with other neighbours, as we are so scared to go outside and are even scared to talk to neighbours we know because of the cruel and unkind bullying we are going through.

They stood by our cameras taking the p out of me being in a wheelchair and because they didn't get a reaction they came back for more. They damaged our cameras and the police saw them do this. But when they came in it felt like it was us that was in the wrong and the police made it feel like it was our fault even when we showed them what they had been doing to us.

Even with all our evidence the neigbour could do no wrong. Now we feel we have no one to turn to. He even took a part of what he put on our fence off so he could call the police out on us and say we had done it—which was a lie. It was a week before the police came out and we came home early that day, he was already home from work, and staging his next attack which we did not know at that time.

He was drilling on one side of the fence, which we now know why; he was taking some of the leaves he had stapled to our fence off and telling the police we did it. He also had CCTV people he knows help him to stage this. This family are bullies, liars, and hateful. They cause criminal damage and get away with it, they make our life a living hell and no one gets involved to help stop this.

Our life where we live has gone from happy to wanting to die. No one should have to suffer like this. My partner is already very sick and could do without more pain.

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Community harassment
by: Anonymous

Sorry you have gone through this. I've been experiencing harassment and bullying in my community since a former landlord told some lies about me. I was a good tenant. I always paid the rent on time and professionally cleaned the home I rented from her. The owner of the house and I had a disagreement over privacy and security. She continually allowed unknown men she hired to enter my home when I was not there. We had a disagreement about this. I asked her to provide me with notice when someone needed to get into my home. After this, she must have lied about me to a neighborhood watch group. People from this group are following me everywhere, staring at me, stalking me, harassing me. One of the men who the landlady repeatedly allowed inside my home also began to stalk me and later robbed items from my home. He eventually went away, but the community harassment continues.

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