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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

New Bullying Petition

by Vicky

I am campaigning for a change in legislation in which the issues of bullying are dealt with within the workplace.

In the United Kingdom and Ireland the courts currently address bullying under existing legislation such as Health and Safety, Prevention of Harassment and anti-discrimination legislation and personal injury claims. This incurs financial cost which victims of bullying cannot always afford, as unions do not always support the victims of bullying.

The action I feel would be beneficial if all Grievances were recorded, i.e tape recorded/video recorded, and an independent employment consultancy, or another independent organisation that had no ties with the perpetrator investigated all Grievances/Appeals pertaining to bullying/harassment. This may sound expensive, if you think of the cost in the long run it will be a lot cheaper than: Sickness; Counselling; Tribunal, etc

Under the Freedom of Information Act I have asked several councils for information, I think you may find the outcome interesting if you are paying £100 a month poll tax £20 is an additional tax to cover bullying.

I worked for Liverpool City Council for over twenty years and had to resign due to bullying and oppressive behaviour.

Public Services investigate themselves which in it self is a conflict of interest. No one wants to admit they are incompetent and were companies endorse the perpetrators of bullying the human and economical cost will continue to rise.

The former head of service Andy Hull produced this http://tinyurl.com/ldzwcd

His name was on the front of the power point now it has been changed to Jackie Crowley on the front... as if that makes any difference.

I submitted two grievances before the outcome of the first grievance the bully produced a contract and said it was mine; it was nothing like my contract. The head of service then tried to change my contract, which was virtually the same as the contract the bully had produced, so that my line management would be managed directly by the bully whom I had submitted the grievance against. The 1st grievance went against me as a manager had temporary memory loss as he put his head in his hands and stated that he could not remember having any meetings with the bully. Despite the fact he had several. (This was proven in Tribunal) If I wished to appeal it would be to the head of the service that had tried to change my contract so that I would answer directly to the bully. I had a meeting with the head of the service were he spent over two hours trying to persuade me to sign the new contract. At one point stating “if it went to tribunal the councils solicitors will fight it" "Why won't you sign it, it's not as though X beats you with a stick". (In Tribunal Hull could not recall this) The Tribunal of course believed Hull. Of course these are just my opinions.

Are you not curious to know what the true figures are for your constituency? I think you may find the following websites interesting:

http://tinyurl.com/lps48k - Birmingham Council

http://tinyurl.com/kq3kkh - Gwynedd Council

http://tinyurl.com/lj8lqb - British Broadcasting Corporation

http://tinyurl.com/ntfq94 - East Dunbartonshire Council

http://tinyurl.com/lfjo3o - Oxford City Council

http://tinyurl.com/kwv64d - Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service

http://tinyurl.com/kjnexu - Cardiff Council

http://tinyurl.com/m4hxwv - Liverpool City Council

http://tinyurl.com/m93rwd - Bristol City Council

http://tinyurl.com/m8eyo5 - Essex City Council


http://tinyurl.com/l3zx7p - Pembrokeshire Council

http://tinyurl.com/mfgzbo - Newcastle upon Tyne City Council

http://tinyurl.com/nqh2nf - Shropshire Council

Waiting Response

http://tinyurl.com/n8mn2c - Lambeth Borough Council

http://tinyurl.com/n3p5hh - Luton Borough Council

The action I feel would be beneficial if all Grievances were recorded, i.e tape recorded/video recorded, and an independent employment consultancy, or another independent organisation that had no ties with the perpetrator investigated all Grievances/Appeals pertaining to bullying/harassment. This may sound expensive, if you think of the cost in the long run it will be a lot cheaper than: Sickness; Counselling; Tribunal, etc.

Education is the key as bullying thrives on silence. A zero tolerance to bullying and make information on how to deal with bullying known throughout all services.

With the current recession employees need more protection in the workplace. I have started a new petition to Stop Bullying in The Workplace. It's Called 09Bullying could you please sign it and pass it on?


When you complete the petition - it will email you a link which you have to click to actually have your name added to the list. Please do remember to check your spam folder if your email doesn't appear and make sure your name is on the list!

This is an opinion of Vicky Gray

Comments for New Bullying Petition

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responding to public service bullying
by: Cathy

Hi Vicki, I am not too familiar with the public service in the UK but I certainly understand your pain. I worked for nearly 30 years for the public service here in Ireland and I know that there are no lengths to what these people will go to to a)protect the perpetrator b) collude with the behaviour themselves and c) force the victim out of their jobs. Unfortunately, they have access to power, time, money and the best legal advice in the country. They are also protected by the state, in that their behaviour can go unchecked because they are not accountable and even if there is a law suit, it will not hit them in the pocket which is where it hurts. A very interesting case came to light here recently where a family had taken an action against the Health Service Executive, which would be your equivalent of the NHS. I am not sure about the particulars of the case but the judge awarded damages to this family because their infant had been injured during a very difficult delivery. An interesting twist though was that the judge decreed that the doctor on duty was responsible for the negligence and should pay out of his own pocket a certain percentage of the damages. As far as I recall, it was quite a substantial sum of money. So, to my mind, if these people who can remain faceless and anonymous were suddenly to be faced with financial ruin due to their actions, things might change?? I think your idea for a petition is a very worthy one but there is a saying in the US "You can't beat City Hall". ?? I really genuinely feel if this terrible terrible behaviour is ever to stop, it will only be because there is a price to be paid for it, be that financial or a prison sentence.
I sympathise with you and I feel your pain honey, believe me, I too have lost my job because of this treachorous behaviour. All the best for now-C

Bullying with a twist
by: Maisy

I work for a well-known national charity that has a reputation for fighting for change and for improving people's lives - both in the workplace and elsewhere. I work at a local level and have been extremely lucky that my local employers [the Trustee Board] have been very supportive.

Unfortunately, we now have a dilemma that we do not know how to resolve. I am being bullied by a colleague from another, similar local organisation. I am continually put down and dimissed - in an extremely negative way. It has been suggested that this bully wants my job ... Recently, at a local meeting of colleagues, with an officer from the national charity present, I felt I had no choice but to walk out of the meeting because the way I was spoken about was totally unacceptable. The national officer did nothing to stop the behaviour, and neither did anyone else.

My employers support me - but don't know what action they can take.

by: Jenny Ryan VIC

Dear Vicki,

Congratulations on what you have brought to everyone elses attention. You are making a stand for people who often find it hard to defend themselves!

You may also want to read success stories based on people who have stood up to matters many just ignore or are too afraid to do. What you have done now, although reponses are minimal, would grab many people's interest, like mine.

Thank you for the information supplied. It will come in handly!!

We Need To Get Cracking On This
by: Dee


Thank you for this website.

We really need to get the ideas out in the open / media / public awareness.

I think a good start would be to get the subject of bullying aired on one of the national tv talk shows where both sides can give their stories. Talk shows cover a large variety of subjects yet, I have not seen a show about bullying or maybe I have missed one or them.

I have asked for my grievance hearings to be tape recorded but my global bank employers refused and literally stated false information in the minutes - things I literally did not state - the minutes were always being disputed because the minute taker transribed extremely dubious and inaccurate minutes which really served to cover up their wrong doings and to incriminate me. To save all the problems, and to show transparency and honesty, I agree that minutes should be taped as well as the other things you mentioned.

I would be happy to sign the petition.

I think I will get in contact with the tv channels to see if any of them would be interested in airing a talk show about bullying.

stop school bullying now!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by: joann james

my 13 years old grandson got suspended from school today(nov.4,2011) for defending himself from a bullying because of his last name. this has been going on for 2 years. he is in the 7th grade at the middle school in mayodan,n.c.27027. if there is not a law passed immediately to make the parents,the kids,the teachers,the principal,the guidance counselor,the school administraters and the law to take respondisablity i will pull my grandson out of school period and dont care what the laws say either. my 13 year old grandson cannot go to school to learn when he is being bullied because of his last name. STOP THE BULLYING NOW!!!!! or forget schools period.

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