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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

New Insight to What a Bully Is

by Lizzy

I was a frequent contributor to this site and yes, I understand many of the terms 'the world' uses out there to defend their own actions.

If we are to hold our own against them it is important to recognize the 'pattern' of the modern bully.

First, a bully is a 20th Century term. Let's understand the why of aggressive persons:

They are Absolute Relativists. The 'carved out' in their mind how to best get along 'in the world.'

Well, that doesn't sound bad. We should get along out in 'the world.' It is the principle for any who have faith in 'The God.'

The problem: the Absolute Relativist does not want to live as God says to live. Way back in the 20th Century, about the mid-1960s, there came a 'do your own thing' creed or a man-made 'religion' for those weak in faith in God called Secularism. The basic premise of this 'religious' cult is first: No Authority, live free of all rules, nothing is right or wrong, do your own thing, whatever makes you happy. (We know the spirit that was whispering these things to
inexperienced minds. ie: immature minds)

It took time but eventually the Absolute Relativistic thinking was firmly entrenched and 'the only wrong' were those who said, hey, this is wrong. The relativist tossed out Absolute Truth, ie: a Supreme God 'unseen.' The Absolute Relativist learned how to get along with most and thus be 'popular.' It included
their own children as they 'built up their children's esteem' NEVER getting angry with any action but 'relativizing' it... oh you didn't fail math, that's a bad teacher. It's not your fault the window got broken, WOW that was a good hit with the bat... well done. (Who cares if you ignored the rule of playing ball in the street.)

Don't ever say anything is wrong if you are a relativist. The 'relativist' can call the thou shalt and shalt nots since the relativist has made themselves into a little god.

When this adult relativist smiles pretty, speaks politely (for their purpose when it suits them, and follows the crowd of popular opinion, THE WORK OF THINKING gets tossed) The relativist finds they can be promoted up 'by the boss' / they can get the praise they crave by being agreeable to anything / but then doing their own thing.

The Relativist is a 'sophisticated' schoolyard bully who finds their strength in 'numbers' of others who will play with them, as long as they 'go along' with
actions of any old type, that are wrong actions as it relates to faith in 'the God' they can't see. Just get along, make money, and do not be 'offensive.' (and avoid the pew where they might hear that we do need to correct 'brother' in their attitudes of S-I-N. Sin? Did I say that? SIN (S-elf I-ndulgent N-ature) ceases to exist.

When such truth ceases to exist, anyone who asks a question of such Relativists, wants to discuss an idea, or seems a 'threat' to the Relativistic 'easy'
life, the RELATIVIST will scream down, shut down, ostracize, make this other feel they are the wrong ones. The Relativist seeks to push the authentically good soul from their self-made easy world, no different than the playground bully of childhood wanted the good one to leave the playground.

When objective truth ceases to be (aka God) bullying will be the way. Except they won't call it bullying, they will call it being assertive.

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