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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

No Good Reason

by Angela
(San Diego )

My emotions are racing all over the place if you hate me so much why are you nice to my face? I don't deserve your mistreatment because I'm nice to you. My beauty lives within and you have it too.

I have been writing a lot of music with my boyfriend lately. I feel bad because I'm very sad all the time because I have so many people in my life who say they love me, care about me or people who befriend me treat me like shit.

I have a hard time understanding why, and I honestly do not know what I do. Sometimes I drive myself crazy thinking I am a horrible person and deep down I know I'm not. I'm a happy fun loving big hearted person who unfortunately gets used and taken advantage of. I have a hard time understanding why the world can be so cold but I am striving to not turn into an ugly person on the inside. I want to spread positive enegry and not feel alone.

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by: Lizzy NJ

Ever go to Sunday School? What was the first lesson? GOD is good. Why did He make you? He LOVES you.

Hold that thought; anytime you are not getting that unconditional love from humanity in general. God loves you! And then; give thought to Jesus Christ; his passion. Scourged (by whips) Crowned with thorns, mocked and spit upon.

So…humanity 'knowing not' they are loved; are going to be insecure and immature; attempting to make it 'perfect' here on earth (sweating, toiling, and looking for that same LOVE you are looking for)

So…step back…realize YOUR GOOD BLESSINGS come from He who loves you; then FORGETTING SELF as HE DID…let all the nonsense roll right off and LOVE THEM. (what good does it do to love those who love you back; it says biblically)

Blessed you are when mankind persecutes you. Your reward is in a better place. The only one we are on this earth to please is HE who loved so much he was whipped, and crowned with thorns. So…what's a few nasty comments really?

ignore them, LAUGH 'to yourself' or 'laugh at yourself' with them. and when they mistreat, do them GOOD anyway…your reward will be great. (IF you don't like the crowd that surrounds; of course find yourself a new crowd; a better crowd) Those in keeping with your maturity level…but don't be surprised if 'every so often' you might find the new buddies seem not so 'nice' (it's called growth) That's ok; everyone comes to the SPIRIT OF LIFE at different times; pray for them…just keep being who you are and keep growing. Make new friends; keep the old (eventually the old grow up also) So don't burn any bridges…you may need them at another point.

Forgive them AS HE FORGAVE you 'when' (remember the when)

Take nothing personally…it's not you; it's INSIDE THEM ….

Feel compassion for their 'stressed life' and judge not.

A Good Reason why...
by: Anonymous

This may sound a bit harsh, but perhaps you need to choose your friends more wisely and expand your social circles to include other people who may have something positive to offer instead of those who you say use you and treat you poorly.

by: Debbie

I need help, the bully still affects my life, my last boss was beyond mean to me, humiliated me and yelled at me in front of customers and fellow employees over and over again, I want to do what I must to let him know how he hurt me and the continuing affects of his vicious treatment towards me. Whom do I contact...he can't get away with this

Answer to Debbie
by: LIzzy NJ

Why are folks 'insensitive'? Because THE SPIRIT of LIFE is not in them. Period end of statement.

As I write this; Easter is almost upon us. To some; it's an occasion to celebrate the coming of warmth and Spring and new growth of plants, flowers, and green grass. A time for chocolate rabbits and jellybeans…and THAT'S ALL it means.

People 'lost the SPIRIT' called God. God is GOOD. Go(o)d and God.

In exchange; they chose many other 'gods' (money is number 1, to pursue, or fame, or their own glory, or 'stuff' (consumerism) or 'education' and all types of degrees…but NO LOVE? WHAT GOOD IS IT?

Some have often said to me; no particular reason: 'the Bible? how is that relevant to my life here and now. But it is. The life of their savior DOES relate to human nature vs Divine nature. Goodness and Holiness or foreign to some humans both in Jesus' day and our own. (and with God, all time is the same)

Before there is Easter Glory…there was GOOD FRIDAY…Whipped, scourged bloody, stabbed, crowned with thorns. For nothing. Why? uncontrolled ANGER…at THEMSELVES…and let out on the most HOLY of persons (divine person) …and ANY who choose to live DIFFERENT than what is 'norm' for 'the world' will get mistreated. (as He said 'if they did it to me; they will do to you if YOU are part of ME" PEOPLE 'HATE' GO(O)D.

"offer it up" TO HIM who can change both 'them' and 'you' … mostly;, it will be you who changes most…by your free will. Whether tour persecutors hear God's Word to them; is on them. Do not think they get away with a thing; they don't. Every word is HEARD…and one day THEY WILL BE CALLED ON IT we pray God shows them more mercy than what they did. YES we do. BLESS THOSE WHO CURSE YOU…AND YOUR REWARD ONE DAY WILL BE GREAT. (That's ALL you can do…is CARRY THE CROSS as one of His disciples and smile wide for in their treatment here and now and your attitude of LOVE to them (praying for them; YOU will be called GREAT in God's kingdom)

You can't do a thing about your STUPID boss; but PANDER HIM as the TEENAGER he is and remains because he never GREW IN SPIRIT. (HE IS A TEENAGER unable to control his tongue)

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