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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

No More Bullies - More Self Confidence

by Judy
(Natrona Heights, PA)

My Daughter Now - 1 Month into Karate

My Daughter Now - 1 Month into Karate

My daughter is 10 years old and has been being bullied since she was 8. Before bullies, she was a sweet, bright, confident little girl. After the bullying started, she became quiet, withdrawn, and shy. Her grades went from excellent to barely making it and she just seemed sad and unmotivated all the time.

She wanted to try Karate so I signed her up. Within 2 weeks of taking Karate classes, her confidence grew so much, she never even mentions the bully. The self-respect she gained by taking Karate enabled her to be herself more at school, which led to her making new friends and being more comfortable at school.

Now I hear about the new friends she made every day and the bully is becoming nothing but a memory. View the whole story on my blog at neighborhoodmommy.com. I hope it works for your child as well as it did mine. I finally got my confident, happy little girl back.

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Great Idea
by: Liz from NJ

Congratulations Judy!

Getting your daughter involved in a sports group (in your case Karate but for others it could be basketball, baseball, softball, tennis) was exactly as I wrote in my 'ultimate understanding of what is a Bully' article I posted to this sie.

With that; she found supportive persons with same interest. With like minded friends with an interest; she has confidence in numbers that there is nothing wrong with herself. A bully is also in need of friends but chooses 'bad ways' to gain a supportive group around him or herself.

A bully is one who manipulates and intimidates others to do wrong or think wrong ideas.

No one should ever try to reason with those who are deliberate in their doing bad. (it is common sense) What does good have in common with bad. Unless 'the bully' makes an outright physical attack, there's nothing the good can do. Contrary to what some may think, the good cannot go to the authorities for name calling, taunts to one's physical appearance...you know the nyaaah nyaaah stuff. Authority does not see 'emotional scarring' only the physical type. They will not take sides but (in the case of a workplace, they will assist the good one...out the door ...terminate the good) This sounds unfair but to management... it's very merciful, if you can't handle 'mean' people you aren't strong enough to work. Because in any job...there will be 'mean' people (nasty folk) It is not the job of management to be the Nice Police. (yes; they could make clear ground rules and procedures that keep the nasties from hovering over desks of others...but they can't...the law says 'no rules' / it sets a discriminatory policy. (basically that's it) and in a school, the parent or child who whines to a teacher or counselor or principle... will scare that authority (they want no bad publicity as they work for their pension and benefits) So...the whiner will
be dubbed trouble because the law tells them: you cannot tell any person they are doing wrong. (sad to say)

Bullies know the 'system' and they will try to work it to their best advantage. Pity that they can't put that brain to better use. Good use. Maybe someday they will. But...don't ever try to change someone who is 'a bully.' Don't try to make authority take sides in anything. (according to the current system...good is subjective not objective; every man woman and child...for themselves)

ENDURE it...knowing The God; who will raise you up to what is
a better environment. (knowledge, faith, good friends, good family,
good mind, body, spiritual health) here on this earth; and someday The Heaven. The bully, unless by grace he or she wises up...will only have trouble follow them all the days of their life. Pray 'they get the message' from God. (in the immediate, those channels are blocked)

Congrats for an effective solution for your daughter.

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