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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

No Way Out

by Mary

I was transferred from one state to another. I was a cashier, but they told me they had a customer service position open. I accepted, so I was transferred with full time and a promotion I never asked for. This caused a TON of jealously from the other co workers.

Suddenly, I was being written up every time I turned around, I continued to battle the write ups, and 5.5 years later am still fighting. I have a lot of documentation but it continues to fall on deaf ears. I have never in my life had a disciplinary action on me until this job. Lots of mobbing, and bullying.

In the other place I worked they were grooming me for management! I come here, suddenly, I'm the worst thing that ever happened to the work force! People don't change like that.

I'm constantly being set up for failure, poor training and co workers flat refusing to teach me. I'm so depressed I can't hardly function at work or out of work. Like I'm giving up. My friends and family don't want to hear it any more. I'm completely frozen in time and isolated at work and at home. :(

How To Deal With Workplace Bullying: What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

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Transferred to another state by same firm you wee with as a cashier to be customer service and promoted ...who promoted? The last position management of your other state? Then ...CALL THEM UP (they who like and know you) Tell them GRACIOUSLY that you are not doing well in this new position as per the management of your new position. Tell them; you are unhappy and that you would like to know if you can be transferred back. (I don't know if you are single or have family with spouse; and of course if that's case ...moving again can be a pain...but SO IS THE JOB...so find out if the old job would take you back) If they would ...GO. If they offer '0' support, LEAVE on your own and move back to your home state again ANYWAY. (this new place doesn't want you, you are the new 'kid' on block, they are testing you ...to see your spirit) Sometimes; by reason of a different accent one state to another...you seem foreign to others; try inviting some persons to a gathering at your home or apartment or take them out to a light restaurant meal. Not the bosses; just the folks you work with. Let them see you are friendly.

Don't know if you are a bible reader; but Jesus got a transfer also...he was moved from his heavenly home with His Father to Earth...He was both Son of Man and Son of God...and OOOH did the temple authorities like to find fault with him on everything. What did he do? He knew how to 'give it right back to them' BUT not on their terms...He gave it to them with WIT...WITH RIDDLES that had them scratching their head, then he just turned and walked away. They were testing him; because HE WAS 'so good' and they knew it. Their PRIDE was showing. Jesus was not intimidated by them.

Don't be nasty...just know your worth as well and speak it back 'in a subtle way that they can't dispute.' Wow...he or she is 'not rattled on bit' ...we can't push him or her around. Stop caring what 'they' say. Words spoken against the 'son of man' will be forgiven but not what goes against the Holy Spirit. My understanding of this: people do and say things that are 'thoughtless' all the time...DON'T fear them...if you have a clear conscience 'their words' have 'o' meaning. Don't be like them but show them your clear conscience by giving them a bit of a 'poke' back that will make them THINK of their own 'thoughtless' words. POKE at their conscience. If what they speak 'does disturb you' ...then MAYBE beyond their mere words The Holy Spirit is prompting you to examine what is troubling you in their words, in their bad reviews, PRAY over those reviews...is there some truth (any truth) to the words? then CHANGE ...ask forgiveness not from 'them' but GOD...in prayer and ask for the grace to be better. if NONE OF IT is true; if your conscience does not convict you of any wrong doing...THEN poke them back with 'WIT' ...riddles, witticism, light humor at 'the situation' at hand (indicating to them...they aren't 'getting at you...your conscience is 100 percent clear'

They wanted Jesus to feel guilty over 'breaking temple law' which he would never do...and never did. And that way of human nature continues 'to this day' ...human nature loves to see if they can 'lay a guilt trip' onto another FALSELY. If we bite at it...THEY WON. If we tell them off 'with wit' 'humor' (humor at ourselves...not them...ie: LAUGH at ourselves...they will be taken aback. Leave them scratching their head.

We bite at it when we 'get angry as they are angry' / Speak with reasonableness, teach by example, stay composed and unafraid of the immature you are dealing with, be slow to anger and rich in mercy 'to them' even if 'they are not same way' When fully at peace ...human words are meaningless.

Folks always want to 'test us' as they tested Him. If your conscience is clear...let the know with WIT or HUMOR hey this doesn't bother me...I'm NOT AFRAID of you.

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