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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Nothing Done To Stop Workplace Bullying Of Orderly At A Hospital

by Virginia

I am a orderly at a hospital and I got on well with my supervisor, her daughter also a supervisor at the same place, disliked me because I was friendly with her mum.

When I needed her (daughter), I called her on the radio and she would ignore me, this affecting my work. When I brought it to her mother's attention I would get the silent treatment from her because I had said something about her daughter.

The daughter has done things to other staff and me like, annual leave forms going missing from office, name tags gone missing even spitting on someones car, nothing is ever done when it's reported!

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Unfortunately too often
by: Becky

It isn't a crime in this society and these bullies know it. Upper management does nothing to protect us. After I went to our CEO his only comment was, "Good luck with your new employer." Hang in there and good luck. I'm at your back.

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