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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Nothing I Do Works!

by Nicole
(Hawthorne, FL)

My daughter has been bullied since K and is now in 5th grade. I have done it all to help my child it seems no matter what school I put her in these kids won't stop.

Yesterday was the first day of 5th grade and I put her back in her original school; honestly I was thinking that it would change now because these little bastards are older but NO its worse.

They call her names, hit, tease, and ignore her. I've been to the school way too many times to try to fix the situation the school doesn't care about the problem. They always side with these other kids. No matter what.

I feel so stuck, frustrated, because I want to badly to help her and I can't.

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Take action as you can.
by: Anonymous

I feel your pain because as a Adult I was bullied and it's something not good at all. People can be so nasty which I have found out. Your daughter is so young and this could effect her which it probably is doing now. Do not stop fighting get a stop put to this madness. I would go back to the school and talk to the person in charge and say to them if this does not stop I will be taking legal action against you and this school and I am sure they will shape the hell up. No company or school want legal action against them and they will start to look into doing something. I wish I would have taken legal action against my company but I did not know my rights, but I do now and if it ever happens to me again believe me I will take action as this really effects a person. Good luck and I hope that this helped a bit.

how to deal with a bully
by: Anonymous

I was bullied 2nd grade - he would push me and flick my ears hard and it hurt - no adults would help me - no one would stop him - one day I walked up behind him at drinking fountain and slammed his face into drinking fountain - it split his lip and bloodied his nose - I told him he better leave me alone - I never saw him again - message - she needs to smash them in the face - that is all bullies understand

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