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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Now Retired Federal Employee Bullied by Management When Nearing Retirement

by Natalie

I worked for a federal agency for 31 years. Most of those years were peaceful and productive, but as I started nearing retirement eligibility, management started consistently bullying me to force me to retire sooner than I wanted to, and this happened to a number of my older colleagues as well.

We were systematically targeted, picked on, set to fail, given confusing instructions and assignments, and down-rated on our performance appraisals. We were treated in a hostile manner as if trying to provoke us to act out, and when we pushed back we were threatened with disciplinary action. Our work was subject to vicious nit-picking of unbelievable pettiness and immaturity.

It was awful and very stressful. It impacted our health. None of the union or EEO procedures was helpful or resulted in any improvement. In fact the EEO staff helped the bullying managers and protected them. No effort at having a productive conversation or resolving any of the issues.

I am retired now, but the same thing is happening to those left behind still working there. I contacted my Congressman after I retired, but no help there either.

All thoughts welcome.

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