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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Nurse Bullied by Manager and HR Was Dismissive

It started with aggression towards me when my manager and Provider, I worked for, would not agree on terms. Then it moved to being called on excessively in meetings to answer questions, while not calling anyone else, it was in a crass tone and you could tell it made everyone feel uncomfortable. I know I was uncomfortable with it.

Then it moved onto asking me to do extra work on a day that I was preparing and tying up loose ends to go on vacation, and it was very known it was my last work day for a week.

It then moved to being verbally confronted with very aggressive body language when I said I would be unable to complete that work as it was not part of the necessary actions that needed to be addressed before the end of business day.

It then lead to the manager forcing me into her office to ask me what my problem was. I then was in tears and wanted to quit my job. I wrote an email to HR and then had to meet with them when I got back from vacation, it was the worst experience!

HR was very dismissive of my report and said I wrote a good letter. They then said that I needed to change my attitude and approach. Completely protected the manager. I then just sat in the chair, smiled, and nodded my head in agreement. I could see what was going on when they asked if I liked my job. HR was not going to help me.

I then went back to work and avoided my manager at all cost I could but it made work very uncomfortable for me. The manager would send me emails of other departments that she thought I would like to work at. It was really trying to push me out.

I stayed because I liked my Provider I worked for, but if it hadn’t have been for that I would have been gone. That was 6 months into my new job, it would have been so embarrassing to explain why I left.

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I'm so sorry to hear this
by: Anonymous

I often lack compassion towards myself for my own workplace/school bullying. I'm so sorry to hear of the bullying that took place. Honestly I have so much compassion for you. You did not deserve what happened. It sounded less personal and more directed towards you (which is still 100% bullying) due to him or her not liking what you did or who you worked for (from what I read in your text). Absolutely unacceptable and it is 100% their fault for what they did to you. I hope your healing process has begun; any authority that doesn't want to help you is no authority at all and I would suggest leaving but its entirely up to you what to do.

Inhuman Resources
by: Anonymous

I can absolutely relate to your experience. I've been in that situation of leaving the work environment for a long period before having to return to deal with HR. That process is absolutely soul destroying. I remember it vividly.

HR has to put forward a strong posture - always. They can never be wrong, and if they are they won't admit anything. If they're later proven to be wrong then they'll suddenly change the subject. At any time in this process they can throw the book at you and you'll never be right. I vote we rename them to "Inhuman Resources".

I can relate
by: Anonymous

Very similar thing happened to me! Wow, it breaks my heart hearing you had to go through this but it also helps calm my own troubling soul because it made me realize I am not the only one who went through this. It happens often. I thank you for sharing your story. Wish you the best.

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