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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Obsessed Neighbor

by Christy
(Baton Rouge, Louisiana)

Well, my disabled child and I bought a house and things seemed to be okay with the neighbors and the neighborhood until I noticed my wooden fence was starting to rot! So after keeping an eye to why, I noticed my neighbor was putting a wet, soaking wet, rug on my wooden fence.

I politely put a note asking her to please not hang the rug. To make this short, she did not like this. Next thing I know I am hearing someone tell me what color shirt I am wearing inside my home. To make matters worse they started cutting me down from everything I would do inside and outside of my house.

So, I came to stay at my mom's house and, apparently, they have followed me here and are still stalking me. How are they doing this? It's my neighbor from home electronically stalking me, judging me constantly. What right do they have to stalk me? Who are they to judge me? They are no better than the rest. Matter of fact you have to be on the low end of life to stalk a single mother and her disabled son.

Does anyone know the means of how they are electronically stalking me?

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You are not alone
by: Anonymous

I am in your exact situation except it's three families to one single mom with a disabled child. They view people like us as easy targets to bully because they are miserable and think by trying to make us miserable; they will feel better. So, I am super happy and jovial - even if they've done something horrible to me. Ignore them. They don't exist in your world. Protect yourself. Make sure they have no access to you, your child or home. Get surveillance equipment. They may escalate but they will trip themselves up. Tell people what is happening and pull in support. These are the lowest beings on the earth. Bullying someone they believe is vulnerable is beyond cowardly. Don't hesitate to get law enforcement involved and document, document, document. It's extra unnecessary work that we don't need but trust me, it will save you.

Courage of Convictions. Boundaries
by: Anonymous

A bully is a coward, strong before the weak
Weak before the strong.

Feeding off fear and anger, like food. n

Narcissistic supply

You can't over react especially not in public

but your going to have to be twice as strong .fast

Courage of conviction

by: Anonymous

They have nothing better to do. Simply put! Miserable life, bitter divorce, and bored. Taking orders from authority, and ignorance.

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