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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

OC's Big Sister

by Tasha M
(Washington, DC)

I have a coworker, who I called a friend at one point. I took a trip to Vegas with her and another coworker, unfortunately when we got there the coworkers thought that I was going to sleep with them. When I turned them down as soon as we got back to DC, the coworkers immediately went to work and began their reign of terror. It began with telling all of the other coworkers that I had hooked up with a guy there in Vegas and progressed to saying I smelled bad to saying I wasn't a good mother to threats of bodily harm and then the threatening text messages to telling me to kill myself like my brother did (my brother had committed suicide the year before and I was devastated) to telling me she wished I would die like my brother to sabotaging my patients. (I work in the healthcare field.)

I thought I was going to have a nervous breakdown, management didn't care and when I filed a grievance it was just swept under the rug. I beleive this was as a result of my refusal to sleep with them in Vegas. Six months ago I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, as a result of that I have had to miss work for constant ER visits and several hospitalizations, and still I have to hear these same girls saying I'm using my sickness as an excuse not to work. I try not to let this affect me but it's very hard to do. Im so stressed out.

We are in the healthcare field but I've never seen a more unfeeling person in my life, she is abusive to those that she is charged with caring for as well. She has made things miserable for me, but I can't just leave my job as I need the insurance for my MS. Even though she is almost forty she makes everything a competition, she doesn't want other coworkers to like me. I almost feel sorry for her, I wish I could pray for her, but I hate her. She is a very unattractive women, and I don't think she likes herself IDK, but I'm tired of being treated this way, and I'm tired of her talking about my brother and how he is in hell. She says because my brother killed himself God doesn't forgive him and she wont forgive him either but she never knew my brother. This is so hard for me. Words do hurt...

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