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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Okay… One More Helpful Tip


I have written a few articles on this site. I thank the site owner for posting all of them.

In all my posts; if any have been reading them; I speak a lot of God, Spirit, and the Spiritual way to live; contrary to that 'worldly' way (which is really the immature and non spirited …'SELF CENTERED' and albeit; insecure way.

So maybe I should write who GOD is. God is A SPIRIT (of course)

First; He is NOT noisy. He likes quiet. What is the 'world' ? NOISY. Loud and Noisy. Maybe some of you play Rock and Roll…LOUDER the better and your parents yelling TURN IT DOWN. Why? It disturbs the peace and when peace is disturbed GOD can't be heard; and 'mistakes' happen. And basically; whether bullies know it or not; they aim to disturb the peace of another so the other makes some mistake. Our entire society is always PLUGGED IN to something…tv, internet, laptop, cell phone, instant messaging, Music ANYTIME, go in a store and a TV is blaring. Sounds 'futuristic?' … In truth; it's all DEVILISH …using some humans to DISTURB peace and become unsettled. Make errors and 'forget God'

God does not move SUPER FAST …slow and steady wins the race. So what does 'the world' do? FAST FAST FAST…NOW NOW NOW. Everything is milliseconds and if too slow; NOT GOOD. (and mistakes happen)

God is always other centered. Most bullies are self absorbed in 'their world' and 'their promotions, career advances, their personal life and personal possessions. They work…only to HAVE … Having is good; called blessing; but be careful it doesn't consume your very soul.

GOD is knowledge (all knowing) So; while we aren't all knowing; the more we know; the more control we have over our own life and 'bullies' have little control. A bully knows VERY LITTLE; they just put on a good show.

It used to be very easy to work because overall; everyone had a general understanding of good.

PEACEFUL, QUIET, work environments, steady work and enough for all, wages that fit the worker's experience, a secure worker population who wasn't afraid to help someone else; who was new or needed to know

If bullying is DOMINANT…guess what folks? it was not GOD who moved from us; but 'THE MAJORITY' who moved away from GOD.

The answer? RAISE THEM BACK UP…by YOUR GODLY ACTIONS. Do not imitate them, ignore them if one has to, be 'self controlled' (different from COOL) and WALK with confidence but not haughty…be friendly but just friendly enough; God does not reveal ALL THINGS to just any…TRUST must be shown by their actions towards us. (The Lord did not tell the meaning of parables to just any)

In a word…CARRY THE CROSS and stay IN the world with THE PRESENCE OF GOD. 'THE DEVIL' is trying hard to KICK GOD OUT OF ALL ASPECTS OF EARTHLY LIFE…and we can't let him win.

By another's fruit do we know one another…AND proceed with caution towards all (but be friendly)

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by: Anonymous

Let me be more concise in defining God and why it is important to know GOD; Spirit.

The more we know of God; the better we will be of discerning the spirit in others; and we will not 'fall for' the traps that bullies set. Shrewd as a serpent, simple as a dove.

God is always consistent, 'the same'…yesterday, today, and tomorrow. God does not change …which is why God is truth.

So; to avoid being the bullies victim; always speak truth; do not cower to bully's power. Speak direct to 'bully' of what is bothersome. Once 'they know' you don't like something; if they have any decency; they will stop. If they don't, keep notes (AT HOME) State date where and time at top you spoke to bully; (if bully is the boss; DO NOT speak…but simply keep notes at home of date place and time and words said) Be always consistent so as to be seen as reliable. temperament, helpfulness to all, quality, and productive. Give no reason for anyone to feel "you' are the reason for boos wrath or co worker wrath. DO NOT eat lunch in office. STRICTLY WORK. GOD IS NOT DETERRED from His work; neither should you be.

GOD is quiet and of peace. Never come down to the level of a bully by arguing. If they rant in your face; REALIZE it is their problem, even if you did make error; there is not reason for one adult to scream at another adult. Chalk it up to CHILDISHNESS. Tomorrow; they will have forgotten it. So; as GOD is 'for all times' … make 'that day' the next day…in your mind's eye; and forgive them on the spot "in heart"

God is merciful and compassionate; so even if bully IS NOT; it is for us - TO BE SO. Hold nothing against them and keep on going. No one can hurt GOD for he 'owns His world' and He knows He is in 'control' in the big picture. So use self control, and let the child throw a tantrum.

God moves slowly and deliberately and MINDfully. So do nothing RASH…or hasty when a bully is arrogant, nasty, tries to rattle the chains. Withdraw the favor of your presence, as much as possible from this one. There, but NOT. LISTEN if they talk TO you; as God always does…but remain at a distance from …emotionally. As GOD could do 'might deeds' when He, in flesh, was in a certain town…he only did 'a few good things' because town did give him respect for who He was.

Be 'meek' NOT WEAK…that means; no matter what; do not allow something you know is temporary to get you hot and bothered. You know the reason for this earthly journey; and LET NO MAN deter you from the authentic destiny WE WHO ABIDE IN HIS SPIRIT will one day attain.

Be humble and a word with same meaning to Humble is HUMOR. Laugh (NOT giggly) Just have a cheery disposition; laugh at one's own self…ONLY. Folks laugh when we poke at ourselves but the good one's actually admire such. Laugh at ourselves but

Give PRAISE to everyone else and take an interest in all they say and do and "like a proud parent" / So filled with LOVE that all you can see is the 'good' / or 'the potential' OF GOOD. Forget self and be OTHER CENTERED….never look FOR praise; as the God in flesh needed only to know HE PLEASED GOD, Father and CREATOR.

Remember the ONE you really work for; and REMEMBER the loved one's at home, depending on you. Keep their image uppermost.

it is only possible when YOU MAKE 'THE GOD' the POWER in your life…(pray often, ask for His strength, Worship Him AND ACKNOWLEDGE Him…and He will direct your path; in how you are to go…(meaning what you are to do)

If you know you can't work at a place 'too long' … all the while seek out new work; full or part time. KEEP THE DEEDS secret. Then 'rise above' quietly…and leave them.

That's to LIVE THE REAL GOD…rather than PLAY GOD as bullies like to do. Bullies only know a harsh, strict, authoritarian form of GOD…and that's what they imitate. YOU know better.

KNOW GOD and let THE GOD OF PEACE rule you in all ways and you will do very well. GOD will make sure of that.

Inland Empire
by: Anonymous

I feel as if you're my sponsor. "Sponsor" as in like hunger games.

Response to post
by: Cathy Scannell

I must say I like this poster's take on bullying. Living in an almost 100% Christian community, I was often totally amazed at the apparent lack of Christianity displayed by many of my colleagues and superiors during my trauma. I know it is not our place to judge one another but many of my tormentors and aiders and abettors of same would be weekly church goers and were often deeply involved in the church. If my own faith in God were not so strong the whole experience would have put me off religion completely. I now see these people as more to be pitied than blamed, they cannot have much peace within themselves if their daily lives are consumed with tormenting, belittling, undermining and endeavouring at all costs to triumph over others. I do not believe for a moment that that can be the purpose of our life here on earth. Thank you for your enlightened view on this topic. Have a good day

good post
by: Sonya

Good post - I agree entirely

thanks Cathy and Sonya
by: lizzy NJ

Thank you for your good words re: my post.

Cathy; it isn't the Christian community you are part of that brings those part of it to be as they are. It is 'THEIR WORLD' outside the Christian community you are part of …that they bring in with them; each day. Same in every job.

Let's face it…a CHRISTian is human also. We have difficulties, some our own making and sometimes those we love 'fall into' that trouble known as sin…and 'it does become a heavy cross' to them. The purpose of my post was to say …well; let me quote from Shakespere I think it was who said "a would some power the gift he gives us…to see ourselves as other see us"

You at present have live good and all around you is good…BUT in a human secularist world where SIN dominates…all at one point or another are going to be 'tested' / and yes - some who are being tested mightily …take out their feelings on kind souls such as yourself. Why? Because they know you are CHRISTIAN like them. Confusing it is…but, if indeed the community you are part of (work community I imagine) is 100 percent Christian; this does not let you or me or any 'off the hook' as to ACTING 'IN GOD' … and helping brother and sister with their cross…forgetting self.

ALL PEOPLE have been wounded by SIN …directly or indirectly; and it takes its toll. We sometimes have to lift someone UP …knowing one day; we will need the lifting.

Keep the Faith.

Okay...One More Helpful Tip & Addendum
by: Janice

Wow, I needed that after writing my story. I didn't think I was ever going to calm down. How true are those words about being centered in God. It is usually when I am trying to control things instead of allowing God to do the work, do I get completely off balance, but the poem titled "Addendum", kind of brought me to my knees, literally. You are absolutely right. People who act in this manor are not God-centered, no matter how much they would like us to think they are. I found I was able to take a deep breathe and let it all go and become centered in God, once again. Thank you.

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