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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Older Worker Among Young Bullies

Since I moved to my present location I have been a victim of bullying. I never had it so bad before. Maybe, my mind just didn't grasp the reality of a world gone mad before.

I am an older worker among a younger population. I am friendly toward people, but I don't join in on the lax environment around me because I am a health care provider and have an obligation to not neglect residents. It is sad to see it done. I am a hard worker and try to be a team worker.

When I first started my job I thought everyone felt the same way. I went out of my way to do extra thinking people would appreciate it and it would motivate a team work mentality. I was so wrong!

I can only think it is my age and my willingness to pitch in that has people taking advantage of me. The bosses don't care about it all. They turn a blind eye to co-worker's behavior toward their job duties and I feel so victimized there.

They try to make me be mandated so they don't have to do it. Crap like leaving only one person on the floor. Me. It all has been done. I feel so alone there. I am in school now. I have one term left and I am switching out of the field.

Everyone has personal lives and I understand that, but tired of suffering in silence. I have to watch my back every time I go there because there is a clique there.

Lost in a time warp where work standards matter and bullying is not allowed.

Wondering if anyone else deals with this crap?

How can you get it to stop?

I feel stressed, angry, and near to tears over it all. I dread going in when I know I got to work a certain unit.

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