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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

One Big Joke (Would Love To Hear Your Thoughts)

Why are people in HR and supervisors getting paid the kind of money they are making for doing nothing? How would you deal with this?

A co-worker assaults another co-worker. There is a witness. There is an admittance of guilt by the assaulter, with reasons of harassment. No investigation, no interviews, no need for finding out the truth. In fact HR doesn't even bother to come out on the floor for any of this or contact the person who made the complaint.

In the end, the rug comes out and all is swept away. The victim left in shock and forced to work with the assaulter or lose the job.

This is Canada right? Where we hear and watch commercials on bullying, where we have posters up and work place talks about violence and bullying, TV talk shows, radio shows...

It's just that folks, just talk. Talk given by our government, by our employer, by our unions, and we financially support all of them for doing nothing.

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Not in Canada , but in USA..in CA on desert area
by: Anonymous

It is not easy to complain while new one and living , trying to be accepted in Hispanic area being european-caucasian nurse.
"Nurse who smells" will have to learn to work very independent,to function alone in acute crises. She is the strongest nurse,since each shift she works like "sailing boat in the middle of stormy ocean" She will be isolated. Working in med-surg unit, in fast pace setting, no one have time or wants to get involved inprotesting ..This is the last think -helath care bussines wants to hear.People prefer not to see.We nurses in USA Hospital have been living and working in continuing fear. Hospitals became very srict with privacy and security.Insurances ,unions , bussiness, profit and poor patient in the middle. No wonder that some experiancing "cognitive dissociation".
Things don't look anymore how they are.Bullying don't apperas as wrong as some say it is.Anythig is acceptable" Black is white an white is back. The true is not exposed, lie is accepted.You
Who will look for justice when we have to follow up with with tasks and assigned patients care.Tasks are always created just to keep us busy. More and more tasks are assigned in order to eliminate worker from any contact with management or team menbers.Whose who are helping to the iselated Nurse are in trouble also.
The nurse who was bullied ,was protesting at the end.Noone was available to talk. Everyone from management was dissapearing. The Nurse didn't want to sign a discharge document. She was protesting in silance. She spoke that she was treated wrong, that she was facing up missjudgemend.
She desribed verbaly that specific episode and more others episode infront HR representativessilance).
She was too busy to do this in writing.
She was asked to sign discharge documnet as soon as possible (blank paper).
There is no choice. She had employment "at will" at any time.
She signed her name and the word "ujustice" beside and she got the copy. Her career not is not the same. The manager is not working there anymore.
The RN male who was employed on relocation assistnace to support hospital,didn't stay. He exposed the truth not once, he left to his home town on east coast.
All were Caucasian and were serving on "low income Hispanic demanding land". Spanish was neccessary in that hospital settings.
The nurse in charge along with another Hispanic Nurses who bullied the "American -European one", (created hardship) she left this hospital to work in home health care (she left when the issue was still loud but came back when things went easy and quiet.
The Victim has been trying to follow up with human right commission in San Diego.
There was no one lawyer or anyone who wanted to help her or to stand against hospital. If RN has issue in USA Haspital,if RN c/o to human rights ,she will get" black mailled" in system( trouble maker. )Legal actions against employer,the box, has to be listed on job applications usa.

Big Joke
by: Aura

you do something. by way of technology. set up a petition on line for your canadian readers. your complaints warrant something being done via your petition. or what ever you come up with.
i would think the petition would be the easy part, the hardest part would be to lobby those in power to follow through. i think you might find that you will have alot of people who have suffered abuse within their workplace support your course.

Comment on "Big Joke" posf
by: Anonymous

Maybe the complaint was never taken to HR. Sometimes a Supervisor will not take an issue to HR. The assaulted worker should go directly to HR if they haven't spoken to anyone there yet. You can also complain if you witnessed the violence. As a witness, you also suffered trauma.

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