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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

One Rule For Target And One For Bully

by Donna

My 14 year old son has other children constantly verbally winding him up or, for example, throwing ball at the back of his head. He tries to ignore it or tolerate comments but he eventually blows which ends up with him in trouble with teachers.

It seems he’s labelled as s problem now because of his outbursts. He is working with teachers to try and help his outbursts but nothing is done about the other pupils constant name calling, etc.

Son reports incidents and he just gets told "let me know if it happens again" whereas if son so much as retaliates verbally to others, teachers are on him like a ton of bricks.

He just sees it as one rule for him and one for others. I believe this is a form of bullying (emotionally). This has definitely affected his confidence and he’s very withdrawn.

Opinions and others thoughts on this would be very helpful. Thanks.

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Dont Let em See Him Sweat!
by: Anonymous

Im sorry your son is going thru this. They are absolutely bullying him. It is their goal for him to get angry and for him to be looked at as problem. I am 35 years old now and have and continue to be bullied my managers and coworkers. When I finally get mad, I get blamed. I know its hard but son is going to have to resist the natural reaction of getting mad. I suggest he get therapy for coping skills (Im currently in therapy for CPTSD from mobbing) and maybe think of it as a game to which he tries to beat them at. He cant let them see him sweat. Once they don't see him react they'll move to someone else. Blessings.

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