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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Operative Worker Being Bullied

by Peter

I am being victimised and bullied by my line manager and his assistant to the extent it has made me ill.

I am on my 2nd attempt to return to my old position but yet again I have been moved out of my job and I work on the railway and had a good reputation until the assistant took a dislike to me, coercing people to tell tales on me regardless if it was true or not, reporting me for just doing my job, telling lies to my line manager, threatening me, and finally, telling my line manager no one likes me.

When things finally got too much after I had put up with all that they could throw at me for over 3 years I started documenting all that had been going on and reported all to my line manager only for him to support his assistant and jump on the band wagon and start telling lies about me too.

I had to submit a grievance only for it to cause my manager to move me out of my home station and have keep on going to disciplinary meeting after meeting on things that I have supposed to have done to such an extent it started to affect my home life.

I have worked for the company for over 17 years. Am I expected to just walk away or continue to fight for what I think is right and to stand up to bullies even if it costs me my job?

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by: Sue F

This is such a dilemma. I was in this position years ago but have since retired from that toxic environment. I stood up to the bullies but was called a whistleblower and never got any promotion. Even though there had been many reports of bullying to management they just turned a blind eye and just moved the perps to another department. I decided I was going to retire and took as much leave as I could including sick leave before my retirement date. I told nobody of my plans but just ticked off each day that I went to work. I had boundaries where I would stay out of the way of this toxic manager and just did my work. If I had any interaction with her I made sure I was not alone. I also wrote down every single thing that she said or did to me. She was moved to another department but left people sick and sorry and on antidepressants in her wake. I just compartmentalised my work life and got on with other parts of my life that I enjoyed. For me it was the only way through it. Since retiring I have read a lot of this type of personality. Education and awareness is such a great thing. Good luck.

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