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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Part II — Connect The Dots (Links To Corroborate Theory)

by Lizzy

Industrial and Organizational psychology …this is what management uses as a guid to finding a good worker, what workers to promote, who to fire, who to 'motivate' (or is it manipulate the head of another)

THIS is what is learned in 'college' to get a worker 'motivated' to produce for a

Positive Psychology in workplace / no doubt also taught in college

TRUTH here: management isn't seeing PERSONS…they are looking at each SOUL they hire as 'an object' for their analysis to benefit their 'cause' / I guess in many instances one is ALWAYS being evaluated for every word spoken, every smile or non smile, who one eats lunch with (why lunch rooms are empty) To hire someone it is no longer based on a person's CHARACTER (honesty in actions, family person, 'faithful' church oriented…oh maybe it gets a glance but I THINK I now understand; working has been reduced down to psychological theories of who will work best for the firm not in knowing 'the person'

What do you think Anton? is this possible? Is this why our workplaces are places 'just workers' (including at times those in middle management roles) are no longer friendly and nice. Everyone is SCARED STIFF of 'the psychologist'

How To Motivate Employees

Management without SPIRITUAL understanding of GOD; who management can't see …will never have understanding of 'BROTHER' they hire to work for them who they do see.

College degreed wants to take the human from human psychology and replace it with THEORIES….in order to up the amount of their bottom line.

And THAT IS WHY bullying exists. All head stuff and NO SPIRIT because college tells the student (in some manner) You don't need FAITH in God.

Businesses are FAILING because of this way.

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