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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Part III Connect The Dots

by LIZ

So; as I wrote in Part I and Part II …PSYCHOLOGY (head stuff) has replaced the seeing of workers as individuals with soul. Business most concerned with the bottom line and producing. BIG BUSINESS or small business.

Now, in fairness; Yes, business should be business and one hired to work for any business is there to work. Yes, profit does matter in running a business; or there is no business.

So; rather than go into the psychology of motivating workers to work; what could be done from the Spirit of Life to inspire in workers loyalty, interest, wanting to work hard even without OT pay, (strictly on salary) What things of the SPIRIT of man brings
man to desire getting up every day to go work for the business who employs him?

-- knowing that by his being there; something gets done that wouldn't be done if he was not there. So; business management: don't over hire for a position. Hire enough to fill a position but not more than is needed. (this requires knowledge of the work being done your self) Don't hire someone and then hire another to do 'same job' it makes a worker confused. As God knows each of us personally; and calls each to a specific call to action 'in our hearts' / on the natural level…let workers know they can 'make the position' THEIR OWN.

-- Clear instruction and help which means the supervisor has knowledge of what he or she tells worker to do and can and is willing to help someone who is stuck in a problem. (that there is no fear to ask; asking is encouraged; as in God's words: ask and you shall receive help not a rebuke)

-- Set expectations clearly for all. As the Spirit set the thou shalt shalt not plainly and 'sticks to it' / and is impartial…which means any worker who steps over the line of what they should be doing or action; will be brought to side and spoken to in private (when brother sins…take him aside and tell him IN PRIVATE not in front of others; if he listens he won brother over)

-- Workers are not there just for the paycheck. Not the good one's. Hire based on Spirit of interest in job. The desire to make a difference. The wanting to improve self. Give employee encouragement to take classes, hold seminars on how to (better run a program) or better customer service, GIVE FUN ways to work as a team…challenging one dept to do better quality then other; with prize to the dept as a whole of catered lunch or pizza. Or give same if as a whole dept; dept works to help a worker who needs to learn how to a bit better of increasing production…not reward the one who does more; reward THE ONE or many who when their work is done; goes over and sits with another to bring them up to speed. (reward OTHER CENTERED ways not self serving ways.

Yes; it too is psychology …psychology coupled with SPIRIT of serving your employees as they serve you. The profit may not be as much…in short term but in long term of employee retention…you will WIN BIG over the competition.

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