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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Person in Wheelchair Bullied by Abusive Neighbour While Police Do Nothing

For years my neighbour has bullied me, when he moved in he told me to not cross him or I would regret it. Well, I tried being a good neighbour, taking in his parcels and then his post as he bought a new door with no letter box. Then one day he decided he didn’t want me to take it anymore, I took one not knowing he had put a note on his door telling the postman not to leave with me. I apologised and told him I wouldn’t take any more in.

The next day he threw a brick through my window, took my fences down and, even though the police had CCTV of this they did nothing, telling me, as the CCTV showed the end of his garden, I had broken the law.

From that day on the neighbour harassed me, followed me in public called me names, blocked in my drive, hit my daughter's car, stands and laughs at me when I left the house. The police told me to ignore it, I am disabled in a wheelchair and recovering from cancer.

Recently he has gotten worse. He brought home a very large van and decided we couldn’t park outside our house anymore as he was going to instead, he has front-of-house, a drive, and a garage to use for parking. He blocked the car so I couldn’t get my wheelchair out and I had to cancel hospital appointments.

I asked the police for advice and they told me to talk to the company he works for, so I followed the advice and the company said they would ask him to be considerate which is all I want. But the neighbour then got worse. I got abuse daily. He rammed the car several times, swore at my front door daily, and told me to get out there so he could do it face-to-face.

I called the police for help as I am scared but they told me to ignore it and stay indoors and not go out. Then the police said I shouldn’t have asked his firm to ask him to park considerately and told me I am being done for harassment. I haven’t even spoken to the neighbour, not left my home, I can’t walk and this man is non-stop abusing me, shouting over the fence, asking if I am dead yet, told other neighbours I had died.

I can’t cope anymore and have no one to help me. I just want him to leave me alone. But the more I ignore him the worse he is getting and the police refuse to help me. I have had to cancel major surgery as I am scared to leave my house. I wish I would die and then this nightmare would be over.

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