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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Plans Examiner

by Ed
(Panama City Florida)

A year ago, I dropped dead. I had to be revived with CPR and numerous shocks to my heart. I now have a pacemaker and defibrillator. I was told that my potassium ran out of my heart. It was not a cardiac arrest. After returning back to work after 6 weeks out, I seem to be pinpointed for small infractions that are written up.

It started when I fell asleep at my desk. I have been at this public job for 16 years and never had this problem. My cardiologist wrote a letter to be put in my permanent file stating that this was connected to my medicine for my heart. I also went to a sleep center to get a CPAP machine.

This week I was sent home without pay for three days because of this a what they consider a messy desk. I do plan reviews, answer the phone, help other fellow employees with their work, etc. I feel that I am being harassed because of what happened to me with my heart. I didn't ask for this condition and I am doing the best to work and I only have four years to retire.

My boss makes comments all the time about "you should check into retiring on disability or I would just simply quit this job and be a door greeter at Walmart's before I would let this job get to me." Sounds to me that he is trying everything to get me to just quit. I need this job and can't afford to just quit. I only have 4 years till I can retire. I am only 58 years old.

I need to find out if this is a case for a harassment suit or what? I have enough to deal with each day, and I don't need this continual pressure. On the paper they wrote up, I have to be babysat each day for the next three months and if they don't think I am doing what they want, then they stated that they can let me go. What are my rights? Where do I go for help? What should I do? I am extremely upset and worried about the next steps. Please help...

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Reply to Plans Examiner
by: Anonymous

I am not an American resident, but I believe you have legal rights there in terms of discrimination on the basis of health and age. You should document everything that is happening, go to your Doctor and tell him or her what is happening. You should also see if there is a community legal centre or service nearby and go see a Lawyer for advice.
You are right when you say your health is not something that you chose, but it is no excuse for what they are doing to you.
Try to keep your spirits up and go and get some legal advice. Then you will be better able to plan for the next step.
I wish you all the best.

Ask Management to run the numbers
by: gjordan

I experienced a co-worker going out on disability for his diabetes making as much with pension and SSI as he did working. Have these management people sit down and help you run the numbers to see if disability retirement is feasible in your situation. If it is, you are better off taking it and working full time, or most of the time, to recover as much of your health as you can. This might be a better idea than you think, but management should try to be more helpful in this way than they have been.

After you retire on disability, and recover a lot of your health, you can get a part time job of some kind to supplement your disability retirement and SSI. This might not be as bad as you think.

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