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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Play Golf And Stop A Bully

by Lizzy NJ
(New Jersey)

The following is to be read strictly as metaphor and not literally; but using the techniques of playing golf will assist any who feels others are putting bad attitude to them.

Use the techniques of playing golf

1. Keep your head bowed down. *don't bite at the bait' of needing to prove yourself to anyone. IGNORE anything that is not a direct question to answer.

2. FOCUS on your objectives

3. Go for the LONG DRIVE understanding not the short putt. (i.e.: do not reply to every person's words TO you ...some moments are just 'short putts' (temporary blips on the radar ...forgotten tomorrow or even one hour later) SWING with the intent of THE MOST YARDS attained to get on on the heavenly green...not MOMENTS

4. Silence is GOLDEN (say little and remain mystery and bullies will have little to fight with)

5. STAY ON COURSE by the 'caddy' who advises well.(Holy Spirit aka Counselor) That means; remain faithful to GOD (avoid sins and temptations of sin) How? a SACRAMENTAL life Look up the word Sacrament on the internet and the faithful who most understand God is found within 'that which is natural' ok; casually a Sacrament is the visible reality of the invisible presence of ... God's ONLY son. Lord's Prayer: lead us not into temptation; deliver us from evil....DO NOT LOVE 'what the world loves' or AS THE WORLD LOVES and GOD (objective good will always direct your path in how to be and do and make a living also)

STANCE, FOCUS, SEE BEYOND MOMENT going for the LONG DRIVE stay SILENT (offer little opinions or advice out there in world) STAY ON COURSE by GOD'S SPIRIT WHO COUNSELS (careful who you listen to)

To those who understand...nothing more need be explained.

Comments for Play Golf And Stop A Bully

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You are absolutely correct.
by: Anonymous

This is all about a spiritual awakening and being tested. Keep your eyes on God. Do not take the bait. God will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you can handle. Even when it feels like you can't handle it, just pray. I first experienced this and then I was drawn back to my spiritual upbringing. Only this time the Holy Spirit led me to understand that the mind is a spiritual battlefield for God and satan. Satan works through people. That is the source of bullying. Read what the Bible says about bullying. Simply Google (or other search engine) "what does the Bible say about bullying" and you will be led to so many Christian website it isn't funny. Make sure they are based on God's Word. Bullying is the devil trying to take over your mind and your life.

John 10:10 John 10:10 New International Version (NIV)

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.

You might not believe it at first but eventually you will. Bullying can cause depression and other things (thus the devil stealing your happiness and joy). The TRUTH will set you free.

God bless all.

Thanks for the acknowledgment

Satan is real (he's not a little guy in red carrying a pitchfork with horns on head) But He is real. He is a spirit OPPOSITE the Spirit that IS GOD.

Yes; Satan can use others to 'work for him' (of course, they who do such work; are seldom FULLY aware of their condition) Thus why the Lord said forgive them; they KNOW NOT what they do. How can 'they know' GOOD if they aren't practicing any form of GOOD? No prayer life, no worship of something bigger, no meditations at all. Just living on the purely natural level of life; and to do that...they merely survive and exist but they don't KNOW WHAT GOOD IS ...or REAL LOVE. God doesn't make bad people; but some can refuse to live under that GOOD GOD. (lack of faith)

Don't try to analyze why they are as they are, don't try talking and reasoning with them, don't beat yourself up trying to figure out 'what you did to them' (good souls of conscience do this) Don't as anonymous said... FALL FOR that little devil who is using this human person to GET YOU to LOSE HOPE in GOOD. It is 'the devil' that is involved in acts of terror (the extreme bully) or the schoolyard variety (milder type when young) Don't blame yourself if you, in good conscience, know you did nothing wrong.

LEAVE THEM and start over ...as often as is needed.

Eventually; THAT RIGHT PLACE AND JOB will come. (maybe one on one and small, where you can work and earn a living just as well as in a company of many persons where the profits might be higher and perks; but WHAT GOOD IS IT...if 'your soul' could be lost? JUST WALK AWAY without looking back (and pray for them, THEY KNOW NOT what they do)

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