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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Postal Worker Subjected to Workplace Mobbing

I have been the victim of selective discrimination, bullying and harassment for the past two years as I am French Canadian from Quebec. The instigator and the participants would do this as a form of entertainment and enjoyment during the work day.

As usual the reason for my silence was mainly fear and the fact that I am the sole household provider with a large family responsibility. The offensive words and actions were very subtle at first. Therefore I ignored and dismissed all derogatory comments and actions as being childish. I started to wear a headset to drown out the unwelcomed comments. However, was hearing them and was being excluded in all the groups activities from small things such as not getting me coffee when someone went to get coffees for the group, they would have small potlucks and intentionally not invite me, remarks as I smelled, consistent leering, look at the nationality, probably was whoring around all night long, a Barbie whore, etc., remarks about my clothing, hair and make-up, the way I walked and many offensive sexual remarks too crude to mention. Whenever I spoke French I was deliberately told that this was an English speaking place (however every other language is spoken within the depot – but French is not allowed).

The primary instigator (NameWithheld1 known to be a previous gang member) escalated the verbal bullying to a physical attack injuring my right shoulder. This instigator is always paired up with NameWithheld2 and coached by RR2-NameWithheld3; on how to falsely set up someone. (This is a common practice within CPC used by seasoned employee as this tactic does get this group or person the end result they want and does do extreme damage to the victim). NameWithheld2 acts as the look-out person who follows me everywhere to tell NameWithheld1 what I am doing and looking for an opportunity to hurt me. This NameWithheld1 operates by recruiting other workers within the depot of a lower intelligence; she then spreads false rumors about me especially to any male who would make nice comments about me so that they turn against me and join up into her scheme. She would intentionally persuade them to dislike me for whatever reason she uses.

On several occasions I had brought these concerns to the attention of the management team (supervisor NameWithheld4). The management team choose to ignore any and all my complaints and failed to take action against the instigator and all participants. Instead the Management team joined in on the bully tactics with enjoyment as well. The management team orchestrated and carried out this enjoyment by having this group set up false statements and allegations of assault against me. In spite of having supporting evidence to prove that I was the victim and having an injury to my right shoulder. Management continued to discriminate, bully and harassment me with continuous interviews. In order to continuously embarrass me and re-victimize me, on November 11, 2008 management announced over the loud speaker that I have been transferred to another station all of the PO4 clerks were elated at this announcement.

All parties that have been involved in this incident received some sort of payoff. From the part-time clerks receiving early starts over seniority; term employees have extended hours plus the promise of a permanent position within CPC, to the letter carriers who received jobs as LCA and other privileges, SS rural person better route. Management was given enticed from SS-NameWithheld5 who was used by NameWithheld1 to seduce them (rural route person – usually dressed with revealing cleavage and thong short to act as a decoy when stealing or appease management for persuasive favors).

Needless to mention the mental anguish I have suffered the psychological trauma and anger issues that I must deal with daily. None of the parties have been disciplined to day they have only been rewarded with unacceptable behavior.

I would request an internal investigation be conducted.

Comments for Postal Worker Subjected to Workplace Mobbing

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Postal Mobbing
by: Anonymous

Your story is so horrifying it almost does not seem real. I do not not know how you endure. It is tragic that you feel you cannot afford to leave. They are ruining your health and your life -- is it worth it? It has taken me years to learn that bullies are NEVER worth it. I am sad that you are caught in such a horrible situation. What has our world become? I always thought only the USA had bullying problems.

They are Crossing the Line
by: Anton Hout

If you are being targeted for harassment because of your ethnicity you may be able to file a complaint with the Human Rights Commission. However, the HRC is pretty much a joke and companies know it. Penalties amount to little more than a slap on the wrist for assaults that destroy peoples lives. Some have waited more than 5 years for their cases to be heard.

However, if you have evidence of a physical assault when your shoulder was injured you could contact the police and bring charges. There may not be laws against psychological harassment where you are but there are laws against physical assault.

Unfortunately, with regard to mobbing, unions are usually as useless and complicit as management but (if you are in a union) you may want to contact them to see how responsive and supportive they will be. It's a longshot but it's worth a try.

You might also want to consult with a labour lawyer to find out what your rights are in your jurisdiction.

Bullies like to attack those who are vulnerable in some way. You may be feeling financially vulnerable as your family relies on your income. However, you might have to consider the possibility of leaving (hopefully with a severance) and finding an ethical employer.

This company is a disgrace. Best of luck to you. You deserve better.

Equal Protection Under The Law
by: Yolanda

The harassment has gone on for so long that we as workers are not being allowed to exercise our human rights to equal protection under the law. It is not complicated we all have a right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness as long as we do not infringe upon others. As human beings we need to challenge the courts to put it in writing that equal protection under the law is not afforded to the people deemed less desirable; the small minority of us being harassed and denied equal protection under the law. Many harassers are given the green light to do whatever they wish to turn their victims' Great American Dream into the Greatest American Nightmare; to flaunt how above the law they are.

Document your bullies using a recorder.
by: Anonymous

Use a small tape recorder and wire under your shirt. The same kind of setup that undercover cops use. Or some other covert means of catching your bullies in the act. People will be sneaky, lie or even deny. Machines will always tell the truth.

Don't antagonize them. Let them do the talking. They'll just end up digging their own graves. The more recordings you have on these people, the better your case should be.

In the united states, repeated harassment is a crime. Could even be a civil rights matter.

What ever happen to you?
by: Anonymous

Can you tell me if anything changed for you since you wrote this? I'm finding HR, supervisors, union...all of them can only help so far, then they all have their hands tied. Sympathy isn't helping me! Giving up the job is not an option. Transferring... rather not, distance to next office is far, hour away, and that doesn't mean I'll get a transfer!
Sorry for your bullying. It's hard to believe that there are such ugly people out there.

I Know
by: Anonymous

What you describe is only the beginning, I have been "IT", the target, for over seven years now at my mail processing facility and I think they are finally figuring out that I refuse to leave no matter what they do! What you describe is only the beginning, and it is child's play, and for them nothing more than fun.

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