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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Precepts Of Hedonistic Infusion Called A Sacrament

by Anonymous

I co-habitat w/my girl friend because I don't believe in ritualizing sensation into emotional subjectivity to create lasting contrast effects. I just enjoy our live together. We don't manipulate each other to get what we want, because we don't even try and we get it anyway. Doctrinal perspectives stand to condemn us as sinners by willful "disobedience" of the dictates of the male patriarch in monolithic infusion of co-creation. Seriously... what is marriage about anyways?

If our lord died to liberate all of all sins, why hang a sculpted statue of a carcass on a cross and say that we did this and it's all our fault. It makes us think there wasn't any forgiveness in the first place and there's hell to pay.

A friend who was of the same "branded by the baptism of men" religion had his childhood earnings taken for alleged disobedience by his mother. He amassed $3,000 by 9th grade doing odd jobs just to have it taken away by a parent for discipline then giving it all to that church. This was for "disobedience". The religious subjugator recommended this who runs this "church".

We aren't religious anymore now we can see how they rule by fear and subjectivity to exult themselves to a authoritarian social status.

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