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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Professional Interview Questions

by Lizzy

As found on 'The Daily Muse' ... these questions may make or break your interview.

51 Interview Questions You Should Be Asking

One of my problems with any job interview was not really asking questions or not asking the RIGHT questions; or not asking the questions right.

I realize now, when I interviewed for my last position in 2007 (hopefully not my last) I left the interview saying "I need a bit of time to think" / my main concern was NOT to get 'bullied out' again... and with that pre-occupation 'in mind' and NOT the job itself which I knew I could do... when I called up to ask questions; the questions were all for assuring my "safety" as an employee.

I did not have the ability then to 'read between the lines' of how interviewer spoke to gauge the professional status of company.

Questions I asked were: Is there any traveling in this job? No. (obviously if there was, it would be mentioned) Would there be any need for OT? (again, if OT was to be, that's an obvious interviewer explanation) In other words; I was asking questions that marked me as 'not trusting' this firm OUTRIGHT; because of HARSH treatment at other firms (where I 'assumed' and 'assumed' wrong) I was AFRAID of getting hurt again; and as was written somewhere; management see's that as a red flag to them.

it is IMPERATIVE to know in heart, if they called for an interview... THEY are interested.

So; IF YOU LEGITIMATELY can and want to WORK for this firm... you have to forget ALL THE PAST FIRMS… you have to take this new opportunity as new; without judging them to others. (be astute but be mature; by experience - sell your good experience be able to speak of it (briefly) if you are in a field where you SHOW your work (such as graphic art) Show it and talk of it and how you did it, problems solved in the doing, etc. Don't allow a bad experience in past to put you out new opportunity.

The questions in the link show YOU are INTERESTED in WORKING for them. And with that and your interest in interviewer and firm; they will call.

* when reading the questions don't ask all of them; pick and choose and 'change a bit' the question based on job you are being hired for... if you are in mid range supervisory position ask with that mindset; if a beginning worker in fast food... ask in relation to being 'a worker.'

I failed in past jobs (since the 90's) because I could not articulate my experience as a mature worker; I admit 'shyness' holds my tongue for fear of seeming to boast; it was told to me but I wasn't hearing... I have to know how to express what I know; so as to show I am MORE than 'just any worker' / Don't be just a worker who leaves everything to management to 'fill in the gaps' - TALK but not too much. BE UPBEAT and FRIENDLY and NOT SCARED OF THEM.

Comments for Professional Interview Questions

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good advice
by: Sonya

Very good advice - It is hard when you have been badly hurt by other companies, and I think it does help to have time away from working if you can, in order to debrief yourself. Essential for recovery I think, to see potential employers as a new start and try not to preempt bad treatment or be over vigilant - while of course remaining astute. Good luck

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