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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Professional Speaker and Trainer

by Linda Guirey
(New Zealand)

I current speak professionally and train on workplace bullying. I have seen terrible workplace bullying and have even been on the receiving end.

I witnessed one staff member being threatened about his performance review, by a manager who wasn't his manager, all over the purchasing of a kettle. This staff member had my permission to buy a kettle, however the Finance Manager had apparently quietly told him not to. The Finance Manager did not have any staff. My staff member bought the kettle. Apparently he was then ambushed when he was dealing with customers and the Finance Manager came over, in front of the customers and said "How dare you disobey me!" and more of the same. This was so embarrassing and humiliating for the staff member. He was then threatened three more times that day with "Just remember I have a say on your performance appraisal" and "I am watching you".

When all this came to my attention, I raised this with the CEO, who minimised everything by saying "Oh she (Finance Manager) is too long in the tooth to change". I then persisted saying that I would encourage the affected staff member to lay an official complaint and would be following the process.

The next day the CEO dealt with the behaviour and a formal disciplinary process was started against the Finance Manager.

But why does it take so much? Workplace bullying is too often minimised with "it's just tough management" or "harden up". Enough is Enough!

The 'Marbles' Expert

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