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What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

Recently Returned To Work After Being Signed Off With Depression And Anxiety Due To Stress At Work


Hi there. I have recently returned to work after being signed off with depression and anxiety due to stress at work. Since my return I have had my hours shortened to help me get back into the swing of things. Since I've returned I've felt very unwelcome and felt like they are deliberately trying to get me in trouble.

Due to my depression I found I was unable to vent or express my feelings at work or at home and use my social networking site to display my thoughts, feelings and emotions. Yesterday someone who I have not given permission to had gone on my web page and printed off a statement I wrote and given it to my manager to deliberately get me in trouble. I was called in the office and spoken to about what I had written and asked why I had wrote it. I gave my manager the same explanation.

I had to sign a form to basically say I was happy with the notes that had been written. I told my manager I felt unhappy and disgraced that my personal life had been delved into and been shared with others without my consent and that I don't believe it's fair that I am being penalised for having my own opinion in my own personal space. I said I believe I have the right to know who my accuser is but they refused to tell me. Nowhere is it contractually expressed or implied that I am not allowed to use social media to filter out negative thoughts or emotions in my life that are work related.

I have worked for this company for over three years and have never been in trouble once. I work hard and deliver good results every day. Before my depression I was the front of house coordinator but due to my depression and anxiety I had to demote myself to prevent me from having a relapse or causing more serious health issues. I have only just come off my medication but now my anxiety has started all over again and is making me feel depressed so I have had to start taking my medication again.

With the hours I have been given I am financially finding it hard to pay for my medication and support my family. I also have a 3 and a half month old son to provide for and for my company to make my health issues re-emerge due to the way I'm being treated they are preventing me from providing for my son as I have to spend my money on my medication. When I returned home yesterday I was late and me and my wife had an argument due to the fact that she needed my help with our child and my company had prevented me from doing so. My company is not only bullying me they are affecting my physical and mental health, preventing me from supporting my family and almost causing my marriage to break down.

I am embarrassed, upset and down right disgraced that this so called professional business is allowed to get away with this type of behaviour. My anxiety is now at its maximum level and I am frightened of losing everything. Please help me in anyway you can. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time.

Being Bullied at Work? What Every Target of Workplace Bullying Needs to Know

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I'm not sure I see bullying in your post.....
by: Anonymous

First things first, there has been enough media attention on social network sites for you to know that anything...ANYTHING...you post there is fair game for anyone to use for or, as is more likely, against you. If you need someone to talk to, find a support group where things are anonymous or a therapist who is bound to confidentiality. Anything you post on a social network site is open game and no one has to tell you who did it.

Next, it is very difficult to return to work after having a mental illness wash over you and consume you to the point that simple daily chores left you panicked and in a state of "flight". That said, no one ever gets up one morning and decides to have a mental illness and this kind of problem is very hard for society as a whole to comprehend. They respond in a way that "protects" them.

As far as the problems at work go, I'm not seeing any bullying as much as I am the coworkers are feeling betrayed because you are publicly airing their behavior. No one wants to be outed. But does that give them the right to mistreat you? Absolutely not... But first and foremost, stop and look around to see if the postings or talking about it to others or anything could open you up to more ridicule. Someone who "discusses" their problems with others is no longer part of the in-crowd and is likely seen as a threat to their peaceful harmony.

Find a good therapist and find healing. You have a little one watching and learning your every move... Good luck to you.

I understand
by: Anonymous

I understand. I've was off for about two years with PTSD and depression. I went back for about a year, only to have a relapse, due to a bully who knew how to push my buttons. I have been gone for two years now.
It's been five years since my work related accident. I've been angry and pissed off and depressed for five years. I have effected my family emotionally and financially for five years. I have fought for five years to get justice. You know what... no one cares. They have all moved on. The bosses, the company, the doctors, the lawyers, all moved on. None of them sit at home thinking about me, then why am I thinking about them? I'm just starting to see just how much more of my life I have given to these people. They don't deserve it. I need to know that by moving forward it doesn't mean I forgot what happened, or that I even forgive, but it does make me that much wiser and smarter and I deserve my life back. My family deserves me back!
Work is a paycheck. Nothing more. Don't let it consume your life. I hope you can figure out a way to get your life back and start smiling. I know it's not going to be an easy road, but I want off this track, I've been here way to long!

Great advice
by: Anonymous

Comment to "I'm not sure I see bullying..."
You gave some really good advice. I agree with what you said.
With my mental illness I went through some really hard times and still am. I remember talking with people trying to 'explain' my side, feeling unjustified. I was so angry, so hurt. I hated that my co-workers and company had moved on but I couldn't. I just managed to isolate myself even further. People don't know how to react or they listen but don't want to hear it all the time, over and over. People want to go to work, have a GOOD day there and go home. Too much drama is a bad thing. Sometimes when we're not feeling well we don't always make the best decisions. My illness, work related, has effected my family too. My kids watched their strong independent mother disappear. My oldest got so upset with the new me she told me to 'get over it already'. It is time to move on. I think we get stuck in a place where we believe we have to hang on to this or else the bully (company) gets away with it.
Find some help and start moving forward. That's what I'm doing now. It's a slow process but I know I'll get better. The bully has taken enough of my time and my family's time.
Good luck.

Gang stalking at work
by: Anonymous

Question if a group at work is conducting a coordinated effort to get a person ousted from a leadership role or ousted from a job and that person does not get to express there side they have no documentation of justifiable cause or an are not permitted to face accuser, is this a form of gang stalking?

Please start a diary instead of a blog
by: Anonymous

You are obviously hurting and I hope you find help and peace of mind. You owe it to that baby (and to yourself) to be the best version of yourself.

But I really want to push back on the idea that manager being offended at angry stuff you put on social media is an invasion of your privacy.

You say you demoted yourself? Do you mean to say that you asked your manager to demote you? If so then I can understand that this was a difficult and perhaps humiliating decision on your part. I imagine it also creates a lot of questions for everybody about your specific place in the company.

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